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  1. Although air temp was only around 5c it felt surprisingly warm sitting in the sun at Chalkwell this pm. Warm enough for bride in off the shoulder wedding dress to have photos taken, with groom, on the beach. Didn't quite see the point of those taken with sun directly behind the couple!!! Lack of wind made for a very pleasant walk along promenade.
  2. Based upon previous years I doubt that the mower will be parked until well into December. Mowed a wet lawn (dew) today.
  3. Very pleasant on Norfolk coast at Cromer today, felt like around 20c, strong breeze around 15:00 hastened departure back to Norwich.
  4. Suggest you read: https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/grow-your-own/fruit/melonsNo rain here as yet, temp down to 13c however feels more like 8c in cold breeze.
  5. Pleasant day here with temp upto 20c. Went for short walk to see elderly neighbour on way back saw both Lancasters fly past over Southend.
  6. Snap, lasted a good 30 minutes in Louth this morning, afternoon was dry and generally sunny. Back to Essex tomorrow.
  7. Not where i was from 8am to noon! Never seen rain like it before in the UK.
  8. This morning I drove from Benfleet to Louth and from joining A14 to arriving in Louth I had bouts of torrential rain, at times monsoon like. 60 years driving experience from the Arctic to Africa, worst weather I've ever experienced. Worse than driving at 100mph on ice, above Arctic circle in Finland!
  9. Interesting that Icelandic Met Office wasn't showing any significant rain for East Anglia upto an hour ago now from Noon to 9pm today they are showing continuous rain of varying intensity.
  10. High humidity, not bothered - I'll just switch on aircon in bedroom. Hardly a breeze here now with just a few clouds, temp 20c.
  11. Still pouring with rain & 4:30 this morning, now overcast murk with temp of 12c. Still raining!!!
  12. Pleasant day here with temp around 20c with a few clouds, note that further East, probably over sea cloud cover is extensive. Am puzzled by talk of early Autumn as here we have several pairs of Blackbirds feeding 2nd broods.
  13. My two thermometers are reading 24c & 26c, so perhaps it's around 25c! Only cloud I can see is that from contrail, albeit my vision West is restricted by 60' Oaks at bottom of garden. Second check shows a few small fluffy clouds over Kent.
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