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  1. Agreed. One of the best I've seen tonight.
  2. Hope you've got rubber soles shoes on!!
  3. Kicking off here in Portsmouth again, lots of lightning, rain and thunder getting ever closer. My little boy is loving it (though a bit scared too!!)
  4. Hmmmph! Seems my thunderstorms died out over the Isle of Wight and those pesky Southamptoners have nicked them all! Still, I can just about hear them, and the rain is decent at times!!
  5. Cracking thunderstorm over Portsmouth right now. Just waiting for the torrential rain, which the radar says is coming?
  6. Will we get more heat the week after next? A toss-up for the SE, unlikely elsewhere, according to the latest ECM clusters
  7. Arome tomorrow has the heat much more concentrated on the SE corner. 26/27C for London, 22-25C from Hampshire across to Essex, not reaching 20C north or west of Birmingham
  8. Going to be a very close call on 1949 now, London Temps at 28C by 2pm, nothing to stop them rising for another hour and a half
  9. I'm 'only' seeing 26C through my sources - where are you looking? Latest AROME had Heathrow at 26C by 12pm so if my sources are right it is bang on target. The model goes on to reach 28C across much of London but no spot actually breaching 29C.
  10. AROME now showing much of London at either 28C or 29C by mid-afternoon. Is that April record reachable? For 10am the model was bang on compared to actual temperatures in the region. It's going to be interesting tracking this today.
  11. And here's the actual. Big differences! As mentioned in a previous post, AROME seems to have had a slightly better handle on localised urban heat. Here's what is has for 4pm tomorrow (sorry doesn't seem to cover Scotland): heat generally east of high ground, 24-26C for many and 26-28 in London (A really close look at this chart has a tiny area at 28C or above around Heathrow - incredible definition!!) ARGEPE similar this time compared with other models which are 1C/2C lower Finally, I guess the April record is probably safe but not 100% unreachable: 29.3C.
  12. If you see my post in the short thread from yesterday, you'll see most models were going for maxes of 20, 21 or 22 today. Arome was closest (the only one close really). So using the same logic, then yes, 28C definitely possible tomorrow.