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  1. Hurricane Maria

    Mike Theiss again. He's loving it, isn't he!
  2. Hurricane Maria

    Window has been partially blown in but he still hasn't moved away
  3. Hurricane Maria

    It's this crazy guy again, flew out to Puerto Rico to film the hurricane. When I saw his videos in the Keys, I wasn't too scared for him. But this time, I am:
  4. An Autumn morning at Portreath

    Was at that very spot not 4 weeks ago. Lovely!
  5. Incredible storm here in Portsmouth right now. Lots of thunder, flash flooding volumes of rain, and pretty windy too. Best storm of the year.
  6. EC clusters - many options at T192 but same general theme: troughing to the west, and possibly south-west. This could promote a warm southerly push for a few days - so long as the trough does not move to far to the south, which may promote a cool easterly
  7. So here we go again!!! The chart above is, of course, the form horse for recent winters. The strat warmings will need to be pretty decent to break us out of this!!
  8. Last night's ECM clusters show the tendency to set the Atlantic trough west of the UK by D8 (giving hope of a more southerly influence over our shores), but not a done deal just yet:
  9. ECM clusters show a risk that the high pressure building in the D8-D10 period could be lost by it building too far north:
  10. The models have had real trouble picking the Euro trough this summer at long range. Another example for early next week - a seemingly HP dominated scene becoming progressively a euro trough between D10 and D5.
  11. Hurricane Irma

    That is very true indeed. But I doubt your average American will appreciate. I just think the US felt they had to keep up the hype because they'd evacuated so many people, and that's what will cause the problem next time. Kind of caught between a rock and a hard place. Right to evacuate, won't be appreciated.
  12. Hurricane Irma

    And it will be moreso next time. I can imagine Floridians watching it unfold on TV last night wondering what the fuss was. You can be sure they really will get the 150+mph hit when that happens. If that Naples chart was right for wind (did look about right on TV), then we've seen that here in the UK plenty of times. Strange! Only videos that looked really bad in the US were from the Keys.
  13. Hurricane Irma

    I thought there was an official gust of 143 mph in Naples?
  14. Hurricane Irma

    Pics of damage coming out of the Keys now. Thankful that a number of storm chasers are ok https://twitter.com/MikeTheiss/status/907281523723948032?s=09
  15. Hurricane Irma

    Any one else a little worried for some of the storm chasers on the keys? Several of them not posted for hours. I fear at least a couple may have pushed the boat out too far.