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  1. Certainly not here, it didn't! Coming down still. Settled on everything at last!
  2. Can anyone explain why, with temperatures below freezing, there is absolutely zero settle on my paving slabs all the way up the garden? Generally, not impressive apart from on the grass, despite days of falling snizzle.
  3. It's horrible thou if you need to go to work, it's enough to be dangerous but not enough for a Snow Day! 😞
  4. It's crap here, too, though maybe a couple of inches has accumulated -- its not present on some surfaces (paths). So its shitey -- not enough to cause a snow day, but just enough to be bloody dangerous to travel in. I'd rather it either snowed properly, or not at all.
  5. Prams and toys, prams and toys. At least it is snowing outside, even if it's not settling. I must sleep, must sleeeeep
  6. I'm calling bust, right under heaviest precipitation in country. Been snowing for an hour or more, just not cold enough and very muddy outside with water pouring down gutters still. Time to kip!
  7. People that worry about whether or not snow can settle on wet ground clearly have never seen it happen. I have -- it's like a million snowballs being pelted at the ground. The puddles are the last to go, but they, too disappear.
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