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  1. Evening everybody, Having broke the ice (we wish), with a quick post about Weather History's time-lapse, just a quick intro. I have lurked on here for seven years now, enjoying the banter, whilst not understanding the deep technicalities of the models (who are Bartlett and Madden anyway?) and love the way the forums go supersonic with a sniff of snow in the air. Hello everyone, Happy New Year, and don't get too jealous of them lot in the Midlands hey? Pete. (Old enough to remember 1962/63, as a child yes, but old enough)
  2. I think I can help here, Not weather related I know, but I thought I would help. Courtesy of FR24 and my own tracker, The lights you can see are inbounds for Runway 05 at Manchester. With Easterly breezes down the runway, traffic off the Irish sea is routed towards the beacon at MIRSI (not a spelling mistake) and then vectored towards 05, overhead Warrington etc. So, you would only normally see these inbound lights with easterlies at Ringway. At a guess, from FR24, I would go for United 81 from Newark Flybe 471 from Belfast Harbour Easyjet 130 from Belfast George Best etc, etc. Pete.