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  1. 95mm since Thursday night here. Thats crazy. Actually stopped now. Think a lot of it absorbed by the ground after relatively dry September, otherwise would have been even more flooding.
  2. Yes another 30mm on top of the 60mm that fell before brief dry spell yesterday here in wgc and still raining. 90 mm total a record for my garden over last few days. Does seem strange only yellow warning though.
  3. Its amazing how that area of orange/red on the radar has expanded explosively to the west of London in last 30 to 40 minutes
  4. 56 mm and counting here in herts. Never seen my rain gauge so full!
  5. Trenendous cascading rain here in wgc for last half hour. Cant believe the sky can hold so much water.
  6. Dark skies and rumbles to north east of london now. Atmosphere still. Calm before the storm feeling. Arge area forming on radar Rain just started.
  7. Wow, something i havent seen for a while that bright round thing in the sky. Maybe towers later??☀️⛈
  8. As Thunderpants said been very wet so far this morning in herts . Had 16 mm from last nights storms in wgc and a further 7mm so far this morning making total of 38mm so far here since the breakdown. Grasses are greening up
  9. Amazing...a rash of storms from central London up through herts, beds , essex and out to sea. Could be interesting night ahead.
  10. Facinating how these lines of storms seemingly pop up out of knowhere. The convergence zone must have moved north
  11. Well up until yesterday thought we were just going to continue to miss the storms but have now had 3 main ones here in herts. This evening was amazing. Out of knowwhere they popped up with torrential rain and shotgun thunder. Sky keeps changing colour . Good watering as well for the gardens.
  12. Cloud appears to be thinning in herts. But i think its too late now. Have to rely on elevated convection. Line to south of London looks good. No chance of it reaching here though. Hopefully more will develop further north
  13. New to the forum although posted a few times on the convective thread. What a different day to yesterday in herts. Dull and humid. Its amazing that this clag from the north sea can penetrate so far inland given time of year.
  14. Louder and louder constant rumbling and flashes visible now coming from se. Really large drops now
  15. Powerful clouds jockeying for position while the rumbling continues.
  16. I think this is the cell over west london developing observable fron herts
  17. Hi all Although been an avid viewer of netweather for years have never had the courage to join the community conversation. However while enjoying the summer weather I am increasingly frustrated with the absence of Thunderstorms. Can someone more expert than me explain why when you currently look at the satelite of Europe it seems that there is a rash of storms over France and the low countries but precious few over uk (with exception of Scotland). If it is because of the cap then why isnt the cap over France as well. I thought that was where it was coming from. I live in herts and am real
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