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  1. I tell you what some of these squalls with the passing showers don't half pack a punch this is the sting in the storms tail, near calm and sunshine 1 minute lashing it down and 55-60mph gusts the next!
  2. I think that's where I was getting mixed up with perhaps lol but in actual fact it was Gorleston and given the fact the amount of devastation caused by that storm compared to anything since I don't think that wind measurement was exaggerated, I personally have found Wikipedia to be very accurate with its information despite some of the bad press it receives from time to time and it says on there that the highest winds in Essex and Kent gusted upto 120mph and that was talking in general terms and considering that no storms since not even October 2000 with supposedly 90mph gusts left caravan sit
  3. I personally found 2000 to be alot worse and there's been no mention of 80-90mph inland gusts only on coasts inland more like in the 60's mph
  4. Maybe I misquoted then but I can't remember the name of the place then but it's on Wikipedia and it was definitely somewhere in Norfolk.
  5. You just contradicted yourself because originally you said last night was worse then 2000 lol. Usually I only experience 50 - 60mph gusts also as I'm nowhere near the sea which is roughly what we had last night maybe locally 70 but in Oct 2000 we had 90 mph gusts even here, I'm guessing that Burns Day was similar with 1987 being slightly worse!
  6. I'm assuming you missed the full effects of October 2000 then?..cause last night was bad don't get me wrong but 2000 was considerably worse particularly given the relentlessly high sustained wind.
  7. No the 122mph at Folkestone in Norfolk was official and there's no way even if the equipment was abit faulty that it could have been that far wrong, it's on the Great Storm Wikipedia article if you want to take a look, there's no mention of the gust being disqualified on there!
  8. Yes that's what I remember about the 2000 storm also the very high constant speed probably about 45-50mph in itself if not more, this winters storms over inland areas at least have been quite gusty but with calm periods between gusts so lower average speeds, the average speed in 1987 taken over the UK as a whole was over 80mph.
  9. Yes I can imagine it was horrendous, 2000 was bad enough I remember asking my dad the next morning if that was what 87 was like and he said categorically no but not far off 80-90mph as opposed to 100mph+
  10. I thought a Barometer measured winds or is that rain? I get these things mixed up all the time lol. But those where the gusts in 1987 I've read about it on Wikipedia and watched some documentaries on it.
  11. Lol clearly not I was only 14 but remember it like yesterday it left such an impression on me, it was terrifying no other word for it!
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