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  1. Like most else that approaches the Dartford Crossing, the storms are losing the will to live!
  2. I usually associate bright billowing white clouds with towers, the ones going up SW of me are very dark indeed!
  3. I think South Ockendon is the roundabout these storms navigate around!
  4. Ooooh, a definite rumble just then! Or a mighty lorry bouncing over the Dartford Crossing!
  5. I assume you’re NW of me then, nanu, towers erupting in that direction my location.
  6. Bit of a squall here at the moment! Teeming with rain/sleet/snow mix and a big clap of thunder South Ockendon, Essex
  7. I really need a compass! Driving to and from Upminster this morning at around 6am, I thought I saw distant towers going up. Given that I was travelling along North Road which becomes South Road, I’m assuming they were SE of me! Now I’m home, i’ve lost the skyline behind trees, but they seem to have gone! Alexa is telling me that it is currently 23.3C. I’ve lost my weather station!
  8. Lovely light show well to the north of me. As Moogy said, no rain , no thunder, nevertheless still pretty spectacular!
  9. Lovely light show to my north, distant, elevated, with nice cloud crawlers. Edit: Someone is getting a beauty! It’s either getting bigger, or nearer!
  10. No, I’m not going off my rocker! Defo lightning and thunder!
  11. Lightning and distant thunder here in South Ockendon Edit: That had to have been one huge strike a 100 miles away, or I dreamt it! Just rain here atm.
  12. I thought everyone knew, nothing gets past the Dartford Crossing without sitting there for hours!
  13. -5c on my trip to Upminster at 6am this morning, cold enough to set my low tyre pressure warning on! Very hard frost and dense fog in places, too.
  14. A little less technically adept here, but this morning was the first time I had to scrape ice from the windscreen this season.
  15. Does that mean I’m Nocto-Brontophobic, as thunder and lightning only truly scare me at night? But the current one is providing some much needed refreshment, albeit flooding local roads!
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