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  1. No, I’m not going off my rocker! Defo lightning and thunder!
  2. Lightning and distant thunder here in South Ockendon Edit: That had to have been one huge strike a 100 miles away, or I dreamt it! Just rain here atm.
  3. I thought everyone knew, nothing gets past the Dartford Crossing without sitting there for hours!
  4. -5c on my trip to Upminster at 6am this morning, cold enough to set my low tyre pressure warning on! Very hard frost and dense fog in places, too.
  5. A little less technically adept here, but this morning was the first time I had to scrape ice from the windscreen this season.
  6. Does that mean I’m Nocto-Brontophobic, as thunder and lightning only truly scare me at night? But the current one is providing some much needed refreshment, albeit flooding local roads!
  7. Little more than distant rumbles since earlier posting, no lightning seen, but lots of virga to my NE, seems to be slowly trundling away in that direction. I can see a tower to my SE. Temp is 27C, humidity at 58%. Very oppressive despite the rain overnight.
  8. Rumble of thunder here in South Ockendon, Essex, just north of the river at the Dartford crossing
  9. Back in the 70s, I’m sure we were advised not to jump in the sea! I think a few heart attacks were reported. Certainly gave me a shock when I jumped in the sea at Scratby, Norfolk after a steamy journey in scorching temps and a car with a broken thermostat which was remedied by having the heater on!
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