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  1. BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester just said thats our lot for snow, until late afternoon. Really ?.....
  2. Typical its the day my wife has to go into work. Mind you if she gets stuck there 🙂 I used to use Accuweather, but its currently showing no show all day in Redditch if you look at the hourly prediction ?! I do rely on you guys in extreme weather, but what do you think is the best weather website ?
  3. Got out of bed about 7.40 and nothing , 20 mins later the side roads were covered. Only snowing lightly tho. Dont know if they have gritted the main roads , or does it not affect snow, just ice ?
  4. Been snowing for a while here in Redditch. Not deep snow , but if it freezes tonight the roads could be tricky. Have they gritted the roads ?
  5. Light snow here. Very powdery like. Settled on the roads, but only a dusting.
  6. We now have the big flakes and settling easy on grass already
  7. Couple of light flakes just starting here in Redditch.
  8. Thanks for tip about that aqueduct. Can you cycle across it as well.
  9. Hello all. What is the best website / app , for telling what the exact temperature is where I am ? Not sure my Samsung phone has a temperature reader as such. Thanks.
  10. Guys I need a quick bit of help. Im thinking of going back to Fairford today from Worcs, but Im seeing predictions of heavy showers around again. I will basically cry if pay for another ticket and stuff gets cancelled.
  11. Had a peek at the met office forecast for tommorow at Fairford and its getting worse. Heavy rain between 8 and 11
  12. Yes it even more frustrating looking at all the days before and after...not a drop of rain forecast. Lets hope for some better predictions over the next 24 hours
  13. Oh no. I checked hoping the forecast mayve improved but its got worse . Gutted. ?
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