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  1. Guys I need a quick bit of help. Im thinking of going back to Fairford today from Worcs, but Im seeing predictions of heavy showers around again. I will basically cry if pay for another ticket and stuff gets cancelled.
  2. Had a peek at the met office forecast for tommorow at Fairford and its getting worse. Heavy rain between 8 and 11
  3. Yes it even more frustrating looking at all the days before and after...not a drop of rain forecast. Lets hope for some better predictions over the next 24 hours
  4. Oh no. I checked hoping the forecast mayve improved but its got worse . Gutted.
  5. Good morning all. Hopefully the right discussion thread for. Fairford , Glos . On Friday im off to the airshow. Unfortunately my Anxiety has been driving me mad about how bad the weather will be on Friday.,and its been getting me very down. As its just 48 hrs away, would anybody be kind enough to predict the weather for tbere, or which website you would recordrecomend if any. Thanks in aadvance
  6. Thank you Midlands Ice Age. I hope your right. General forecast says drier in the South and East next week...so hopefully Fairford comes under that. I will not look until later next week (yeh, right ..! ) Unlike the cricket, if it rains all day, and the flying is cancelled, you dont get your money back as you can still walk round the static planes and exhbitions , apparently
  7. Im takign the family to Fairford Airshow next Friday. Im almost scared to look at the forecast as I seemed to be jinxed last year when i went. We were in the middle of 5 weeks heatwave, and yet we had heavy rain right when the big flypast of 50 aircraft were due to flyover :-( At what point do you think forecasters can give a pretty good forecast in advance ? 1 day , 4 days , a week maybe ? Cheers,
  8. 3-3 wasnt it Bluenose ? Good result really. I wont talk about Uniteds.... I shouldve been on here last week predicting snow for this coming weekend. First time we've arranged to go out after xmas... it was a banker to be dodgy weather.
  9. You need to stop reading the Daily Express matey !
  10. Out in the garden half an hour ago...cant believe how mild it felt in the sun . Shame so many icey patches on the pavements as wouldve been nice to go for a walk,
  11. Wifey just rang to say snowing in Bromsgrove and covering the roads, Gone very dark quickly here in Redditch
  12. Typical , beg for cooler weather and rain , and it decides to come on a day out for me at the airshow at Fairford , Gloucs tomorrow., The main forecast websites seem to differ when / if the rain will come. Some say thunder , even hail (bbc !) possible. Just passing this over to the experts , so I can decide if need to take waterproofs !
  13. Hey Bish. Nice to see your still here its not just the rain its the blinking cloud cover . Mustve gone to bed thinking about it as had a dream the clouds were about house high and no planes could fly. Dreams eh.... It will be even more ironic as chose to go to the show on Friday ahead of Saturday. Sunday would be intersting if England get thru !
  14. Hi all. Im travelling down to Fairford, Glos on Friday for the airshow. Having not seen rain here in Worcs for weeks , im really gutted to suddenly see some forecast sites showing showers on Friday afternoon. Just wonder if you guys agree with this ?
  15. Were off to Torquay next week. Looks like a week of sunshine of showers ? Typical as we've had hardly any rain here in Worcestershire for weeks. Just wondering which forecast you guys think is likely to be correct , as each one I look at is different ? Thanks
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