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  1. The snow sounds weird tonight. Even though we have a good covering already, the falling snow sounds like heavy rain!
  2. I got that message too Lorenzo. Wondering why Falkirk council deems it necessary to close all schools but West Lothian, further east, will wait until morning?
  3. Thanks everyone, I've deleted my BBC app now and installed the Met office app instead . I do feel it's pretty irresponsible of the BBC having an app that is so inaccurate when so many people rely on it. It's probably one of the reasons that the people I've told to be prepared for a week of snowy disruption haven't believed me
  4. Just starting to snow a little here in Bathgate but not expecting it to come to much yet as the sky is overcast but bright.
  5. Hi everyone, a potentially very snowy week ahead for most of us! I'm confused by the seemingly conflicting forecasts however - according to the Met office forecast my area shows almost constant snow between Wednesday and Sunday. But my BBC weather app on my phone shows hardly any snow, a few showers in the morning of Tues and Wed then almost nothing from Thurs to Sunday? Why the huge discrepancy?
  6. Where has the sky gone? The met office long range forecast isn't looking very hopeful either. Tis now the 153rd of November!
  7. That's not good... it's blue bin night here. Wonder if they'll need emptied in the morning?
  8. Been up wrapping presents! First signs of storm in last 10 min. Wind seems to have picked up out of nowhere accompanied by some horizontal rain.
  9. Does anyone have a guess as to how strong the winds will be across the central belt tomorrow? I've been looking at the charts and reading the forum and was under the impression we were going to get a HUGE storm so have been warning friends and family not to travel tomorrow. However with there still only being a yellow warning from the Met office and the focus being on the south of england (as always) people are not heeding my warnings and plan to travel anyway. So am I missing something? Has there been a big downgrade that I can't see? Or was it all too hyped up to begin with?
  10. Gfs 06z has the centre of the low further south than the 00z. Wonder what the 12z will show.
  11. For those who are annoyed at people for liking a good storm... why is there never annoyance shown at those who "hunt for cold"? Extreme cold weather can be just as (if not more) dangerous than a storm that lasts a few hours. People who enjoy extreme weather of any sort are not wishing harm on anyone... most are enthralled by mother nature and keen on learning the science behind such events. As for the upcoming Christmas storm... I hope everyone stays safe and it's not as bad as predicted at present.
  12. Yeah that storm is looking scary, especially at a time of year when lots of people will be travelling some distance to be with family. After a dry start to the morning it is now back to "normal" - wind and rain.
  13. We're getting blasted with that band of intense wind and horizontal rain now and for the last 10 minutes. End of our street looks hazy through such intense rain, in the lamppost light it almost looks like a blizzard!
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