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  1. Reached 31c at Shoreham Airport - by the sea, the warmest I’ve seen here for years.
  2. Shoreham Airport on the south coast near me has just recorded 31C - I haven’t seen that recorded here since 2006!
  3. It’s very muggy here on the south coast, already registering 27C at Shoreham Airport. Hot!
  4. Must be 10-15 mins away from us in Brighton!
  5. Potentially some this evening, would be nice!! Hope Peacehaven is the sweet spot later tonight for you!
  6. Wow, surprised to only see a dusting in Brighton, in Shoreham we have about 2-3 inches :O
  7. Unexpected to have snow here in Shoreham-by-Sea; around an inch or two. Seeing the snow shield over Brighton and much of Sussex last night, I really wasn’t confident!
  8. Boom - Amber warning shifted east !!
  9. Quite surprised as in Shoreham it has been coming down for a while now, about 3cm of lying snow.
  10. We have about 2cm in Shoreham-by-Sea too, wishing you snow too in Worthing!
  11. Quite odd, can confirm more snow than rain here on the south coast near Brighton, although a little drizzle is still in the mix!
  12. Sleet turning more snowy now in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex
  13. Rain turning to snow gradually now in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex