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  1. Reached 31c at Shoreham Airport - by the sea, the warmest I’ve seen here for years.
  2. Shoreham Airport on the south coast near me has just recorded 31C - I haven’t seen that recorded here since 2006!
  3. It’s very muggy here on the south coast, already registering 27C at Shoreham Airport. Hot!
  4. Must be 10-15 mins away from us in Brighton!
  5. Potentially some this evening, would be nice!! Hope Peacehaven is the sweet spot later tonight for you!
  6. Wow, surprised to only see a dusting in Brighton, in Shoreham we have about 2-3 inches :O
  7. Unexpected to have snow here in Shoreham-by-Sea; around an inch or two. Seeing the snow shield over Brighton and much of Sussex last night, I really wasn’t confident!
  8. Boom - Amber warning shifted east !!
  9. Quite surprised as in Shoreham it has been coming down for a while now, about 3cm of lying snow.
  10. We have about 2cm in Shoreham-by-Sea too, wishing you snow too in Worthing!
  11. Very tight spread for middle England...
  12. Quite odd, can confirm more snow than rain here on the south coast near Brighton, although a little drizzle is still in the mix!
  13. Sleet turning more snowy now in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex
  14. Rain turning to snow gradually now in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex