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  1. What a spell of weather for most of the region! I have been watching on in envy. This is by no means a moaning post but would just like some with more understanding than me to explain the lack of precipitation down the middle of the region. At first I thought I was just unlucky I have now realised after hours of radar watching there has to be a reason for it which I can only assume is the wind direction versus the shape of the coast line. My location is 10 miles south of Norwich between the a11 and a140. I find it really interesting. If anyone could explain the dynamics it would be r
  2. It will miss south of norwich so I would say it will be smack on😂
  3. That’s exactly what we are waiting and watching for here. No sign of it yet, Patience is the key word I guess.
  4. I have not lost hope here in the norwich area ! However it is getting a little frustrating. Me and the kids continue to radar watch whilst looking at pictures from family in Suffolk and Essex fingers crossed we can get a dusting by the morning!
  5. That’s what I am hoping as well, nothing on the radar at the minute that looks good for us. Will keep watching and update if I see or hear anything of interest.
  6. Let’s hope something changes later to bring us into it a bit🤞
  7. Anyone from the norwich area? What do you think our chances are as the day unfolds? Been a massive disappointment so far!
  8. It’s Really blowing here! Wind is roaring. Temp 1.5 Pressure 996, ground is almost dry after hours of heavy rain fall. All eyes to the radar just now.
  9. Been following all day and am starting to get stressed! I think it’s slipping south. Going to have to look east tomorrow good luck you guys south and east of me .
  10. five to six foot drifts the average in south Norfolk in 2018 if we do better than this it will be amazing!
  11. I think we are on the verge of something special in the E/SE. My girls got the bug from me years ago and have phoned tonite to say they will be over on Sunday for radar watching and hopefully everything else the magic white stuff affords us. I am sure in the next 24 hours we will start to dial in some clarity on the ifs buts and maybe’s. Just for clarification my girls are under 16 and are within my child care bubble. Crazy times that we have to justify such things. I hope you all enjoy the chase and hopefully the pot of white gold as well.
  12. It doesn’t mater if you write in capitals, italics or bright red. It’s the contents of what is written that maters. I get the crack I am a neuro specialist nurse,I also have dyslexia. Communication is the key to everything. Sorry, I don’t ever post but had to say that. I love the vibe in this forum winter, spring, summer, and autumn. On to the weather let’s hope for that southward movement in the next 48hrs so we can all get the lift we need with a little snow.
  13. Norfolk bums out again!! Need a shift south not just Imby but for the vast majority!
  14. I think Sunday evenings 18z will give a slightly clearer direction of travel. E/NE is going to be the end result but to what extent is not clear at present.
  15. We are 10 miles south just spoken to someone 2 miles north and it is snowing! Fingers crossed didn’t see that coming off the North Sea!!
  16. I have been here for years now and never post. I am sure there is something brewing from the north to north east. SSW is going to filter into the models over the coming 72hours. Happy new year to you all.
  17. All I can say is thank you!! I have been a lurker for for many years in the mod thread but only once posted. I am inspired to be involved in this thread of discovery.
  18. Just starting to really blow hard here 5 miles south of Norwich looks to be some damaging gusts now!! Be safe guys!
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