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  1. it's March, and we've had two events making us temporarily look like Siberia, even if it is only for a couple of hours. the sun is getting stronger and stronger day by day, so a thaw is inevitable. it's even having an effect through the clouds here. we may even have ANOTHER event looking at the charts, in the next couple of weeks, so yeah, this year could well be looked upon with the same nostalgia as 82 and 78, if not having the same severity as those events see you when the next event hits.
  2. looking outside i think she'll be OK. seems to be thawing a bit out there. sun is trying to poke through. dont know what the main roads are like though, but i dont think they're as bad as last time.
  3. heavier band of snow stretching from mid wales down to plymouth seemingly ready to pounce on us all
  4. showing a small clear patch over Maesteg on v7, but still snowing lightly. can see patches of blue sky. lying snow SEEMS to be thawing slightly too. wet patches now visible. however this plays out now, i'm happy two mini 82 type events, in two weeks? nice. thought i'd never see drifting snow ever again.
  5. sun TRYING to poke it's nose into our fun here in Maesteg i'm noticing each model run the precipitation has been pushed further and further north, and now it's still very close to us even into tonight and the early hours of tomorrow. one more tiny push north and we got snow all day and night
  6. full on blizzard here in Maesteg, but we're right on the edge of the precipitation according to v7
  7. i have a sneaky feeling this event may be a bit better for the valleys slightly further west than the event two weeks ago. heavy snow shower here in Maesteg now, and it is drifting, on the roads and off the roofs of the cars too two weeks back the marginality meant it was melting on the roads, until it really got going, and when it was ending too. this SEEMS more promising, but we'll see
  8. yeah, and every run seems to slightly upgrade it too? maybe room for another slight upgrade?
  9. i think lots of people would have felt a bit foolish after clearing out all the shops after the last one, only for you to be able to do a good shop the next couple of days after it given the fact this one's a bit more marginal, and less intense, at least that's the way i see it, i think calmer heads will prevail this time. i wonder how much perishable food wasted after that last one? maybe i'm wrong though. maybe polar bears will be tearing at our back doors in the next few weeks....
  10. could be, especially for you, but those maps you posted above look a bit marginal for lots of us. is there any chance of an upgrade? could that low not sink south so rapidly? if memory serves right in 82 the low misbehaved, dumping a load on us. I know forecasting and modelling has come on leaps and bounds since, so it's unlikely, but maybe.....? lol
  11. gonna be a fun day. should still be able to work on Monday, if it blows about in the way it did two weeks ago, those images andy just posted making me think twice about this event
  12. i think it is going to be blowing around, a LOT looking at the easterly winds predicted
  13. wasn't expecting to be back on this forum this year. where did THIS come from? so, how are the valleys looking THIS time? snowmageddon, or pretty little swirls on the road? Sunday looks like fun, whatever. at least most of us are not working THIS time.
  14. That's me done then. Next time you'll see the little fella to the left will be when there's another 'beast' coming. Was excellent for some, but not for all, so it doesn't make the EPIC list. Sorry 2018, you had your chance, and blew it. Although, no, you didn't blow it half well enough, to join 47, 63, 78 and 82. Must try harder. It's the end of the season now, very few opportunities left to redeem yourself!, so you've only got the start of next season to play for! Get on that training pitch, and practise your defence, cos the way that mild attack went past you, you should be asham
  15. i am dubious about the models/charts they haven't even got the positioning of this low correct. i'm watching that closely now.
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