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  1. First rumble of thunder here. Anyone catch the huge hook / rotation on the storm arriving in Brighton. I did on my phone. will try to upload later
  2. Had torrential rain for an hour now bout 10 claps of thunder. Plenty more heading our way from the coast, it looks like a conveyor belt Three strikes detected within a mile of us
  3. I remember will everything used to happen over Newton Poppleford ? Here slightly humid no sun tho
  4. Thunder and heavy rain from that little cell over SE London
  5. I think that rain area is programmed to crossfurther south Cornwall and up the m$ to cross the SE
  6. Squall line quite visible moving SE in latter frames.
  7. Aircraft actually trying to land at Heathrow Most are aborting and going round.
  8. Squall line just about to hit Oxford then onto London. Low at 926 how low did it get ?
  9. SE getting some relief from the rain, which surprises me a bit.
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