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  1. Hi peeps Some one I know has been asked to provide the past 5 years weekly weather, particularly inclement weather that might have caused a building site to stop work Impossible or is there an archive i can access and how to go about it Many thanks Steve.
  2. Southampton in North London ?? I blame Storm Darcy
  3. Seems to take its time which is good for us, overhead for more snowfall.
  4. Is there a wind direction change due ie ENE to East ? The radar wants to move the snow a little further north and remove me from being in the firing line to no snow.
  5. Moderate medium sized flakes now falling. Looks like this can go on all day, fingers crossed.
  6. Like that almost permanent snow for my area due to the Thames Streamer. Wind direction doesnt change much all day
  7. Drank copiously and still going nought at the moment Better have another
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