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  1. Knew I'd be busy tonight, out at 1am to pull cars out of the floods, Glenrothes pretty bad, kinglassie dual carriageway underwater, and looks like the car park at the Vic is flooded, cars floating around. Still flashing away at 4:30am. Looked evil with purple lightning and mossmorran flaring away. Not a night I'll forget any time soon. 17 degrees at 3am, fog, lightning, thunder, hail... Debris all over the roads, drain covers up...
  2. Just been out the back in the dark and @Kirkcaldy Weather was right enough, constant flickering and flashing, brightest coming from kennoway direction, but very little thunder. Reminds me of hot evenings in Germany.
  3. I'm coming along to Kirkcaldy , just flickers here in windygates.. is it over the forth?
  4. I've just driven back from Culross to windygates , roads flooding quick and more to come according to the radar. Might be a busy night for me! Still nutters passing me at 80+ on the A92.. kinghorn flooded, Glenrothes flooded, Leslie flooded...
  5. Just passed to the east of me in Windygates.. some nice lightning bolts, but very quiet thunder.looked so promising too ?
  6. True.. won't be here much longer as myself and the other warden are being made redundant...change of managers and contracts, so who knows where we'll end up now. Today was the day I'll take away from braemar though, a perfect winter's day.
  7. Managed to get to Perth, but pretty hairy. Aberdeenshire side was fine but from the kirriemuir turn off to blairgowrie was bad. Ploughs on the case though.
  8. Gotta get to Perth for 2:30 tomorrow... from Braemar. Wish me luck!
  9. Heavy again in Braemar. Really wet snow though.
  10. Really worryingly windy in braemar tonight, was some flooding in the village last night and the snow gates are shut to Glenshee. Gonna be leaving here soon , not sure to where yet but wont miss the late night drives over the hill..
  11. Came in from work to a happy dog, who'd spent the afternoon watching me out the window, asked him if he wanted a walk...
  12. Still digging here. Well over the top of my wellies in places and I'm running out of dry socks. Still flurries now and again..
  13. Still heavy snow in braemar. 5 foot drifts on the site, wind is blowing from the southwest, which is the way the shed faces.....where the snow plough and shovels are....
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