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  1. Wild wind here in braemar and rain just started. Horrible day.
  2. Heavy snow in braemar.. just back from a 700 mile round trip to Yorkshire, took 45 mins to get up the hill at glenshee, really need to get winter tyres! Maybe 3in of snow on the road and not been gritted. A1 wasnt bad at all, but saw flashes of lightning over fife, wind howling here but awning still up, very blustery.
  3. Makes life very interesting as a biker...
  4. Snow's all gone in braemar, and even the tops of the hills are bare. Hard to believe we were ploughing on Sunday. 6.6c with a bit of sunshine this afternoon.
  5. She left some time ago. All new managers and staff this year. We have a daft basset though... Heavy rain now, roads are really slippy. 1.3c
  6. I'm a warden here, say hello next time you visit!
  7. Just finished watching the cannonball run and stuck my head outside.. was dry at 9.30!
  8. Temp is dropping fast and everything is freezing. Puddles have all frozen over in the last hour and wind has picked up again. 1.3 degrees but feels much colder. Anymore snow today could get interesting!
  9. Mountains are white round braemar, been snowing heavily in the village and starting to lie. 2.1 degrees dropped to 0.8 in the last hour.
  10. Yay plough and snow blower primed and ready to go.
  11. Wild here, awning seems to be holding and no drips from the resealed rooflight snows all gone from the tips of the hills round braemar. Glad we got all the caravans resited yesterday.. not a day to be outside.
  12. Proper blowy here in Braemar, loads of rain through the night. Glad I managed to reseal my rooflight last week or it would have been dripping all night.some snow on the tops of the hills round about and the wind has gotten much colder.10 mins outside and that was enough for me. 3 degrees now but feels much colder. We open again on Friday, here's hoping for snow to bring in the skiers. Drove to oban and back yesterday and the roads were terrible, so much water. ...and potholes..
  13. Left braemar a couple of hours ago at -7. Now in glenrothes at 1 degree.heading home soon, wonder what it will be!
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