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  1. Morning all! What a bone-chillingly cold night that was, we eventually got down to exactly -6.0°C here in the end :cold:

    For once I was actually happy to see it cloudy & dull when I opened the curtains this morning, yesterday got a bit frustrating watching the sun zap whatever snow had managed to make it this far.

    So do we reckon those showers out to the east will make it across to our region?


  2. 2 minutes ago, Walsall Wood Snow said:

    You're getting really tiring with your 'large teapot' and 'Christmas pudding' phrases. You even referred 2010 (when we had our coldest Winter since 1979 and second coldest December since 1659) as 'Christmas pudding' even though we had the most idyllic Christmas weather that certainly your or I would have yet seen in this region. The only thing Christmas pudding about it was the name of the days traditional after dinner dessert. You'd probably say the same in a 1683/84 rerun. 

    Lol it's not him, it's the forum auto-correcting certain phrases. I think it dates back several years ago when the same poster (Ian Brown I think?) kept repeating the same few words to such an extent he was driving everyone barmy. So the mods applied an auto-correct to make him look silly.


  3. 9 minutes ago, PolarWarsaw said:

    That's me, glad to see you around still. Mark is it? Still down in Rugeley, so just a stones throw away. 

    Completely agree, but these are becoming few and far between these days. The Cheshire gap and/or a slider scenario normally come In clutch for us. 

    I tend to find 'narnia' scenarios being modelled tend to work out well for the 'golden regions' but less so for us stranded in the middle of the country. 

    Despite perhaps seeming downbeat above, I do believe we will all see falling snow on at least 1 other day this week....just whether it's significant and/or accumulating that is the big question!

    Radders! Hello mate, I remembered you the other day when I resumed posting on here for the first time in ages. Good to have you back with us :good:

    Are you the chap who used to live near to a power station or something, or am I getting you mixed up with somebody else?


  4. 20 minutes ago, Diamond Joe said:

    getting the impression from model forum that Friday could go one of four ways

    1, Heavy snow then low pulls south keeps us in cold

    2. Heavy snow then a warm up

    3. Snow misses us to the south but keeps us in cold

    4.  It comes North but brings freezing rain after some snow

    takes your preference

    Option #1 gets my vote every time :good:

    But if I had to choose between either a big snow event and a warm up OR less snow but remaining very cold, I'd probably plump for the second option overall. Snow events which eventually lead to milder conditions never quite do it for me, even if the initial snow is pretty significant.


  5. 50 minutes ago, BleakMidwinter said:

    Would definite large flakes here and there in the otherwise clear morning air in Telford do you for "further west"? :D

    Not "snowing" as such but as you gaze out, there are a dozen flakes a minute, then it eases back for a few minutes then it swirls around again. I can feel it, coming in the air today! (Phil Collins earworm a free gift for all our readers ;) )

    Oh great, now I've got Phil flippin Collins on my internal jukebox for the rest of the day! 


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