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  1. 17 minutes ago, Midlands Ice Age said:

    A burst of heavy rain just exploded here for about 1 minute.

    A flash to the south as well.

    Is it actually 'bubbling up'?


    Something is brewing, that's for sure! A bit of thunder & lightning here at the moment, but nothing too dramatic so far. It still seems rather distant.


  2. 21 minutes ago, WalsallWeather said:

     Absolutely loved this spell of weather though! From the snow falls a few months back to heat, to the unbelievable amount of rain we had on Sunday, to the humidity! 

    Very good point! Strange to think that the first day of this meteorological spring started with an ice day for most of us, and with a big winter storm incoming.........feels like an eternity ago now.

    Steady light rain here in Knowle, and the occasional flashes lighting up the sky to the south. No thunder as yet.


  3. 1 hour ago, DIS1970 said:

    Well, according to all the warnings out today, it will be all eye's and ears open later this afternoon, so we shall see.

    Yes, the Met Office seem confident of the chance for some action round these parts later this afternoon. It certainly feels muggy enough right now.

    Currently 21.1°C with a dp of 15.9°C


  4. I wonder whatever went wrong with poor old RainToday? It was the main goto site for many people for a long time but then, about a couple of years ago, it suddenly started glitching? So odd that it works for some of the time, but not for the rest. 

    It's Twitter feed hasn't updated since 2012, so it's pretty much a zombie site now. A real shame.


  5. 13 minutes ago, Dancerwithwings said:

    The rest of us dry over the bank Holiday weekend for you yes, not in my neck of the woods!!!

    Very true! Monkspath Weather Station recorded a whopping 36.25mm of rain on Friday plus a further 22.75mm on Sunday, a huge amount to fall within such a short period of time. And other areas very nearby to here would, of course, have witnessed even higher totals.


  6. 42 minutes ago, Midlands Ice Age said:

    Although loving storms, I just hope they miss the already flooded areas.

    Agreed, this region needs a brief pause in the rainfall so the current excess can drain away. I took a walk around Hockley Heath earlier this morning, and noticed plenty of large patches of floodwater in the surrounding fields.


  7. 29 minutes ago, davehsug said:

    Beautiful morning in Stoke! Clear blue skies and unbroken hot sunshine.

    Battleship-grey skies here, and not even a hint of the sun making an appearance so far. Fascinating how conditions can vary so much across our little part of the world.


  8. 2 hours ago, Midlands Ice Age said:

    A clear sign of a major storm developing its own  circulation system. I saw the same effect in the Brum storm in July 2014 ( I think!)..

    Fascinating stuff. I noticed something similar at around the same time - i.e. that the clouds seemed to be moving in the 'wrong' direction.

    Incidentally, now that darkness has fallen I can see that the sky to our SE is flickering quite frequently - surely the Milton Keynes storm is too far away to be spotted here?


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