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  1. 1 hour ago, mr benn said:

    Hi all. Im travelling down to Fairford, Glos on Friday for the airshow. Having not seen rain here in Worcs for weeks , im really gutted to suddenly see some forecast sites showing showers on Friday afternoon. Just wonder if you guys agree with this ? 

    I suspect if there are any showers, they will be fairly light and sporadic. Certainly not significant enough to change your plans IMO.


  2. 1 hour ago, Polar Maritime said:

    After a week of heat it's nice to have cloud cover today and cooler temps to be working outside in.

    Temp currently 22c here

    True, although the extra cloud seems to have increased the humidity somewhat as well.

    Currently 27.1°C here. The previous four days have all produced maxes of 30°C or above here, although today might end that run.


  3. 2 hours ago, Terminal Moraine said:

    Yesterday brought to an end a spell of  13 consecutive days each recording at least 75% of the possible amount of sunshine at this site. It's the longest spell of consecutive sunny days since 1976 which recorded 15 from June 24th-July 8th. The current spell came very close to breaking the 1976 record as only a lot of high cloud on Saturday June 23rd prevented it being a 16 day spell.

    The total sunshine recorded during the spell just ended  was 177.9 hrs which is about 92% of the amount possible at this site at this time of year.

    Fascinating stuff, TM. The longevity of this period of fine weather has been quite extraordinary, as demonstrated by the numbers you reported.

    It's just reached 28.6°C here, I suspect there's a good chance that this will end up being the hottest day of the period (and quite possible of the entire summer).


  4. 44 minutes ago, I remember Atlantic 252 said:

    me too bishop, but not any rain, that can stay away

    No, we need at least one or two big downpours soon just to keep everything green & healthy. Our local council have been felling a lot of old trees recently, and the much younger replacements they planted are really starting to visibly wilt now. At this rate some of them aren't going to last much longer.

    Preferably, any rain which does eventually appear will be of the overnight variety :good:


  5. Another day, another scorcher. The temperature has already passed 25°C here and we're still an hour away from midday.

    I have to say, even though I'm enjoying all this sunshine and warmth, I'm really looking forward to the fresher interlude next week. I just wish we'd see a bit of rainfall as well.


  6. 12 hours ago, davehsug said:

    The last couple of days have been wonderful. Crystal clear skies, warm, but not too warm, low humidity, a good breeze, cool nights & early mornings. I can't think of more perfect summer weather, apart from throwing in a regular thunderstorm.

    Well put, indeed I was about to post a similar comment. This spell of weather has been pretty much faultless up to this point, the lack of the occasional massive thunderstorm notwithstanding.

    Here, we've actually managed ten consecutive days where the temp has maxed above the 25°C mark, which I believe is the longest such sequence since the unforgettable July of 2006. I suspect, however, that we might just about fall short today - currently 22.7°C, so it's going to be a close-run thing.


  7. 5 hours ago, fizz511 said:

    So, having been cooked out of my hibernation by this relentless heat..... 😳 I’m just wondering if this summer is going to be the death knell for the famous riposte of ‘who remembers the summer of ‘76?’, lol. 

    How long has it been since it actually rained in the Midlands? I’ve lost track now!

    Welcome back, Fizz! I was wondering if you might make a rare summertime appearance :)

    According to trusty old Monkspath Weather Station, the last recorded rain was on June 16th, but it was a barely-detectable 1.25 mm which fell in the early hours of that morning. The last significant rain event here was waaaaay back on May 27th, when we managed a whopping 22.75 mm. A couple of days before that was an even bigger deluge, but prior to that most of the rest of May was pretty dry.


  8. 46 minutes ago, Supacell said:

    Hottest day of the year here in Belper, reached 28.2c.

    What's the situation looking like now re that fire, Supacell? It looked pretty serious judging from that picture you shared earlier.


  9. It'll be interesting to see what sort of maxes are recorded in our region this afternoon. Some charts have been hinting at 30°C being a possibility today, but I would've thought the forecast for increased cloud cover would prevent that from happening?

    Currently 18.1°C here.


  10. 6 hours ago, DiagonalRedLine said:

    Glad it disappeared quickly.

    Seems pretty cool and fresh this morning, but temperature approaching 16*C.

    We've now reached 27.3°C, which is pretty much where we got to yesterday as a max temp.

    Yet another cloudless sky, although we had a noticeable breeze earlier which seems to have disappeared as the afternoon has progressed.


  11. 1 hour ago, DiagonalRedLine said:

    22.6*C here with hardly a cloud in the sky. 😂

    Amazing how quickly the conditions changed this morning - at around 10:30 we still had lots of murk overhead, and yet withing thirty minutes it had all burned completely away.

    Monkspath is currently showing 22.5°C, but I think that might be glitched - the site was frozen for a couple of hours this morning, and according to Weatherobs most local stations are now showing temps of around 27°C


  12. I spoke too soon, didn't I? It's approaching 10:00 and the murk has, if anything, become thicker with zero blue sky now showing. Perhaps this will be the first day this week where I can venture outside without having to apply layers of suntan lotion beforehand.


  13. Yes, most of this murk should burn away inside the next couple of hours or so. There are already blue patches of sky appearing here.

    Yesterday was another close shave here, with an eventual max of 29.3°C. It sounds as if tomorrow and possibly Sunday represent our best chances of notching up a 30°C or above.


  14. Next week is indeed starting to look very interesting, especially midweek and beyond.

    Although I tend to wilt somewhat in hot conditions, I do prefer my seasons to be extremes overall i.e. cold & snowy winters vs hot and thundery summers. 2018 is putting a lot of ticks in a lot of boxes so far!


  15. 1 hour ago, el tiempo said:

    On this day 1975. Walking back to school after going home for dinner. ....in the snow. 

    lol that really is extraordinary. I've seen pictures of the infamous 'Snow Stopped Play' cricket match at Buxton from around that time, Derbyshire versus Lancashire I believe.

    Do we know if anything similar has happened since 1975?


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