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  1. India at close 117-7 lead 31 :-)

  2. Now running on windows 8

  3. Keep calm, folks. It's only one run!

  4. You look like a bird thats swallowed a plate!

  5. 16 years since my snow! the last time I had as high as 15cms

  6. The NW buzzword of the day is: "reconfiguration"

  7. mon obama- not a sane man on this planet can vote romney

  8. A positive update from the met office in there 16 to 30 day outlook they suggest it will turn drier with more in the way of sunshine, but also colder, with temperatures well below the seasonal average. This will give a greater risk of overnight frosts. We are getting there!

  9. I'm looking in my crystal ball, and I see SNOW in the near future, lots and LOTS of SNOW!!! Wait a minute, DAMN IT, this is my snow globe not my crystal ball !

  10. one of the most sensible comments heard on netweather today was from Rybris Ponce. "So long as the models continue to show ever-increasing zones of very cold air develop over Siberia, Scandinavia and in the Greenland area, I really don't care if winter proper doesn't get under way until early December... "

  11. i just looked at the archive charts from 1976 (i was born in the july). i wish i hadn't to be honest. just wonderful summer charts.

  12. Weird woman at the supermarket felt the need so squeeze my peach! I don't feel like eating it now! :-(

  13. Such a shame to see GP's winter forecast go wrong in the end! He came so close! :-(

  14. A special 'thank you' to the england cricketers who have ruined my weekend...nice one muppets!!!!

  15. This mornings models may not be a backtrack, but is anyone else sick of hearing the following; 'bitter cold in FI', 'look at the trends' 'be patient' etc. There comes a point when you have to give up, mines the 14th of Feb. If we can't cook up some weather love by then, we wont at all..

  16. So when the ruling classes decide we can have a day off for a royal wedding it doesn't damage the economy, but when the workers decide to strike it costs millions!


  17. ‎"Unions: the people who brought you the weekend. And capped working hours. And employment rights and protections. And fair wages. And pensions. And ended child labour. What a bunch of greedy b*******."

  18. Winter will be late this year!

  19. I've had 8 thunderstorms on my holiday in Switzerland so far.

  20. reasons to be glad of being British, #1: Fish and chips

  21. 6 months time; Wimbledon, long days, hot summer sun, Pimms' and lemonade, deckchairs, short nights and that lingering twilight... Ah yes please!

  22. What do you call an Australian with a century? A bowler.

  23. Never knew that we had such a Conservative forum. Labour FTW!

  24. Never knew that we had such a Conservative forum. Labour FTW!

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