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  1. Moderate snow in Hemel. Metoffice showing heavy snow all afternoon however the precipitation to the west surely isn’t going to travel east over my direction is it?
  2. A few flakes coming down in Hemel Hempstead now. I’ve no idea what expect from this tonight, if anything
  3. Should I not trust the GFS so much because I thought with the below 2 frames that most of this region would get a few cm’s including those North of the Thames?
  4. Light to moderate snow in Hemel Hempstead currently after heavy rain earlier!
  5. What’s happened to tomorrow? Both BBC and MetO Forecast have completely downgraded tomorrow’s snow in Watford. The GFS 06Z still shows precipitation around... The MetO shows no snow at all now!
  6. Hey, havent been on for a while but I thought I'd have a look after that great thunderstorm last night! Not seen much like that before... was great. I managed to luckily get one poor photo of a strike last night.
  7. It's looking like we are getting in an Italian called Sannino, who is untested in English football. It seems like a strange appointment, but its certainly going to be interesting! It always is here...
  8. Will there be any lightning associated with this 'storm'? Or do we need different ingredients for lightning to occur...
  9. Looking a little forward to this actually as I wasnt around to see the 1987 storm, although I do hope theres no casualties. Hopefully the Watford game in Brighton will still go ahead Monday night as well though !
  10. Although the 06Z might not be showing temperatures as high as they were showing on previous output for Thursday/Friday, I still believe it is a good run as the warm/hot temperatures are maintained for the Central Belt of the UK, as well as the SE until Monday - with temperatures at or above 25C Thursday onwards. Hot for most of England, and Wales, with Scotland and Ireland remaining on the cooler side. The heat then dies away for areas further to the west, with areas further to the East hanging onto the warm temperatures. Sunday is similar with maxes of 25c for areas further to the East. By Monday, the +10 850hpa temp starts build again from the SE, producing higher temperatures on a more broader scale Monday, but still with Ireland, Scotland and the NW missing out: All in all, I am happy with that run. Temperatures are not too hot, but comfortable to be able to do things in, perfect. Not a bad Summer if it carries on this way!
  11. I just finished college, so it is pretty perfect timing in order for me to enjoy the upcoming warm/hot spell I'm hopefully going to be starting work in the next few weeks, although only part-time - so I may still miss some of the sun depending on how long this spell is going to last!
  12. Nothing of significance in Southampton, pavements are mostly dry, feel sorry for those in Bristol, Somerset etc. Winds maybe reaching 50mph today is it?
  13. Watford 4 - 1 Cardiff, what a game!

    1. Mesoscale


      doing pretty well this season!!!

    2. Jayfromcardiff


      Fair play Watford clearly outclassed us, we better sort our away form out!

    3. Harsh Climate

      Harsh Climate

      opportunity wasted for leeds. Puts extra pressure on our away trip to cardiff in a couple of weeks.

  14. More snow due tuessday?

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