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  1. Is there any chance of heavy snowfall when the breakdown occurs and the Atlantic comes fighting back? It would be nice to see some heavy snowfall as much as the consistent light snowfall has been nice!
  2. Looks to be making inroads from when I last checked! As to whether the intensity will weaken I don’t know
  3. Could this band of PPN intensify as it moves toward the London area? Had a pretty decent spell of snow here for the past 2 hours.
  4. Hi Yamkin, by the S-SE, do you mean S-SE of London or the general Southern parts of the UK?
  5. Biggest flakes seen so far here in Hampstead. Maybe it’s positive signs for later 🤞
  6. Had a covering on all paths and roads overnight in Hampstead from the band of PPN that crossed around 3/4am. That was more than I expected so can’t complain. It’ll be a shame if there isn’t a widespread snow event for this region before the end of this cold snap, the snow 2 weeks ago was much more exciting and it melted by the evening! Enjoy the large amounts of snow everyone to the East 🙂
  7. Snow settling on the cars and a tiny tiny bit on the roads. Best we’ll probably get in Hampstead but still better than some in the West so can’t complain. I see people writing the rest of the week off for any significant snow, that’s such a shame :(
  8. Looks as though the PPN is breaking up behind the band just going over London now (on the RainToday radar)
  9. Are the chances of streamers appearing this evening and over the next few days still possible as I’ve seen it suggested over the past few days? If so, are there outside chances that these could appear and bring with them surprise accumulations (5-10cm’s) out of nowhere? Apologies for all of the questions, I am just a snow maniac and want to see some good stuff 😁 Thank you to anyone in advance for answers 👍
  10. 0 centimetres snow depth in Hampstead. Not sure if you wanted non existent snow depths though 😄
  11. Snow easing off here in Hampstead after hours of light snow. IF this is a bust, doesn’t it look dry mostly for the rest of the week other than snow showers? Enjoy the snow everyone further East. Pray for everyone out West please 🤪😂
  12. The front is still certainly moving west, it was nowhere near London when I looked around 3 hours ago. it is snowing in Hampstead but I want some heavier stuff Fingers crossed.
  13. Is that band of precipitation still going to slowly move over toward London, and the event has been delayed by a couple hours, or is it a bust for the western region completely? I was still hoping for a couple centimetres at least here in Hampstead!
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