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  1. Weird, second shower in the last hour with absolutely no cloud overhead and no obvious culprit anywhere to be seen (there's a near full moon). I am fully aware of the "detached precipitation" phenomena but this is strangest example I have ever seen, the only cloud is the odd patch of very well fragmented alto-cumulus, there's no wind and it's not even close to being overhead!
  2. Had that too. A very intense burst of rain that lasted about 1 second then "normal" rain.
  3. Frequency about every 60 secs from here (I do have a good vantage point) First spots of rain already
  4. Another very distant but very big flash that lit up the entire western sky!
  5. Yep, can confirm distant flashes to my S.W. Wasn't looking for it or expecting it but even the wife saw it from the loft window so it must be true!!
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