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  1. Still belting it down been awake since 6am. Only had 5 hours sleep but worth it πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’
  2. Wow lots of snow this morning more than its brother. Been snowing all night would be nice if it didn't melt during the day.
  3. Been coming down here for a couple of hours now looks to be a minimum of 3cm but looks to continue for a bit looking at the radar.
  4. Enjoy! Looks like you might have a bit t9 go yet! Yeah if its yellow maybe stay in.
  5. WOW never seen snow like this really coming down sticking blowing amazing.
  6. Now It's sticking dusting everywhere now hooe it keeps going.
  7. Coming down nicely my bush is white and so is the grass pavement and roads are wet please some one tell me it's going to be ok and start to stick
  8. Not sticking just yet to wet from last meslt.
  9. We have a covering on one side of the road but not the other due to wind.
  10. Wow white out here, not massive flake but loads of them. Settling on most surfaces but is struggling on some parts maybe the wind.
  11. Think I'm going to bed see what it's like in the morning!