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  1. wow what a crazy weather day. sun,snow,hail stone, gusty winds, lightning. just had a very intense hail storm turned everything white
  2. well we managed to miss all showers imby so im having a bottle of shiraz.
  3. too far north the other day for the heavy stuff, too far south today. enjoy evreyone who is under the streamer.
  4. I need to stop looking at the snowier regional threads and seeing all there snow.
  5. not looking forward to driving tommorow morning, fog, ice and -5 maybe brrrrrr
  6. what is the wind direction now? ha clutching at straws now.
  7. i think south manchester has done better than north this time round, we have around 3 or 4 cm but cant see any more showers incoming boooo
  8. lovely heavy snow, cant see where the next shower is coming from after this for me.
  9. fair enough i got 2 showers out of it was 10 miles to far north. can see a shower going to hit IMBY then im not so sure. fingers crossed for you mate to see something
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