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  1. wow this has been epic, the rain and hail stones plus thunder and lightening been going on for some time. Best storm I have seen in the UK
  2. Yeah it does look that way, sky is getting darker once again.
  3. Some of the lighting and thunder is amazing right now!
  4. Very heavy rain and the rumble of thunder in the distance! and now our first proper lighting!!!
  5. Just got really windy here near Middleton hopefully we will get something ha.
  6. 5 minute shower and a few rumbles of thunder thats all we ha had in 3 days! shame but on the plus side no flooding.
  7. Can hear thunder but we have been in the middle of the 2 lines, been nice to hear but strange hearing it while the suns out!
  8. Nothing here in my part of Manchester, fingers crossed as im looking forward to a good storm!
  9. would of been nice if this was snow but a layer of white hail is something i suppose.
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