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  1. well we managed to miss all showers imby so im having a bottle of shiraz.
  2. too far north the other day for the heavy stuff, too far south today. enjoy evreyone who is under the streamer.
  3. I need to stop looking at the snowier regional threads and seeing all there snow.
  4. not looking forward to driving tommorow morning, fog, ice and -5 maybe brrrrrr
  5. appriciate it, we must have a similar issue.
  6. what is the wind direction now? ha clutching at straws now.
  7. i think south manchester has done better than north this time round, we have around 3 or 4 cm but cant see any more showers incoming boooo
  8. lovely heavy snow, cant see where the next shower is coming from after this for me.
  9. whoop should be with me shortly
  10. fair enough i got 2 showers out of it was 10 miles to far north. can see a shower going to hit IMBY then im not so sure. fingers crossed for you mate to see something
  11. am i tired or in the last couple of frames of radar watching has the ppn moved into a more westerly wind direction
  12. lol jus slightly north of the heavier ppn, not complaining as some peeps have had none.