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  1. Starting to stick, proper coming down!!! unexpected
  2. Proper snowing here now but evreything too wet, mad to see such heavy snow in April
  3. May have some more to come, had 3 days snow fall and a dusting.
  4. Yea, im surpised it remained so intense. Melted in places already hope we have a few a more of them.
  5. WOW, this was a shower and half. biggest flakes all week shame it only lasts 5 or 10 mins. It may melt before sun goes down.
  6. Just about to go bed and nice to see the heaviest shower this week. Would be nice to get a few over night.
  7. Radar looks decent, just wish it was heavier, snizzle fest
  8. Really good beefy shower here, left a nice cover.
  9. Can't believe im looking out the window at the hope this tiny spec will hit haha.
  10. wonderful, so hit an miss just to far north. Enjoy my south Manchester friends im off to have a sulk!
  11. I think someone mentioned it earlier, they do seem to go in weird directions these showers.
  12. 30 mins of bum fluff has given us a little sugar.
  13. All the juice seems to be sucked out when they hit this side of the Penines would love a green or yellow just more dandruff.
  14. Looks like the greens went to dark blue, saying that even though dandruff is falling it's coming down quickly. amazing how quick it sticks
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