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    Peebles, Scottish Borders, 168m asl
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    Cooking, baking, general weather obsession, devoted Proclaimers fan (there has to be one!), numbers, statistics, reading and wine!
  1. Heavy snow here (just outside Penicuik) at the moment and has been for the last half hour. I'm shortly heading back to Peebles but am told it's the same there. Yahoo!
  2. At last, snaw! Heavy too, but the ground is very wet so will have to see if it sticks. T 2.4c
  3. At last! Heavy snaw! Pity it's too wet on the ground to stick though.
  4. Temp drop here was similar from 7.4 right down to 2.1 in the space of a couple of hours.
  5. We had a microscopic 2 second flurry around lunchtime. The wind is freezing though and the temp is already down to 1c here.
  6. Wee bit breezy here. Had some thunder during the night along with (more) torrential rain.....Groundhog day, indeed..
  7. Utterly dismal here, it's never stopped all day and the Tweed river has now burst it's banks and it's not due to peak until 9pm. Fed. Up. Of. Rain.
  8. Wind is getting really strong now and the pressure is dropping. Rain is chucking down, WS has decided to take a flakey so I don't know what the current temp is.
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