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  1. Yeah, it's beefed up again here. I haven't seen the 'rain' element of this myself yet. Has still been continuous snow, albeit lighter.
  2. It's so much further east than forecast, we're also getting a right pasting here. In March. Crazy scenes.
  3. Sorry, wasn't that clear in my post! I meant we spend weeks chasing cold, and looking for the perfect setups, agonising over the smallest detail....and watch it drift away. But we have it now, in the bag!
  4. Just sit back and enjoy this peeps. We chase the perfect weather synoptics for weeks and weeks and weeks and here we have it, these are absolute golden conditions for a significant event in South West/Central Southern England. I wouldn't pay much attention on snow depth charts or forecasts, its all about now-casting now. The flow is so unstable and there will be quite a few unknowns coming off of it as well as it engages with our intense cold block. This is a nightmare to forecast.
  5. There is now early potential for a Channel Low on Saturday. The models are chaos right now.
  6. The MOD thread is a pretty pointless place these days. I'll openly admit that I'm still very much learning all this, so I found that thread very interesting and posts by the likes of Tamara and Gibby for e.g provided me with a lot of good info. People criticising them are just odd. It's weather, decided by nature, yet certain people still seem to get het up and wound up about it all on there. It's a weird place. But please keep on posting those so called 23,000 word essays, as for people like me, it's a valuable learning tool and gives me a hell of a lot more insight than the aggressive post
  7. Agreed, this is epic in terms of wind speeds. Lights are like a disco here at the mo, haven't lost power though. It still doesn't seem worse than 23rd Dec though
  8. It's truly horrendous here. The gusts seem to go on for ever, never ending. Really not sure what Soton' will look like tomorrow, these winds are epic.
  9. It's quite odd how this is panning out, the wind seems to be worse just slightly further inland - as opposed to right on the coast (going by reports on here anyway). Still stand by what I said earlier, utterly howling outside. Lights are going on and off, so something is occurring somewhere.
  10. Already gusting at about 50mph here, it's quite wild out there to say the least. Struggled to stand up on the way to the shops. Already lost another fence panel in one gust. It's clearly going to get worse, so will quite easily be the worst this city has experienced this year IMO. So those saying this is a non-event are very misguided. it may be for their location, but this weather system will bring clear damage to the region.
  11. Looks to be that the most intense period will sit over the Solent area tomorrow evening (Probably on par with the 24th Dec storm, which was incredible down here). My neighbours had their fence half replaced last weekend (As it was destroyed during the xmas storm) - the rest of it being finished this weekend apparently. I have a feeling that they'll be starting all over again this weekend...
  12. Looks like the Solent region is going to take an utter battering.
  13. Not entirely sure why some seem ''disappointed'' to be missing out on this storm, if I'm honest I feel for anyone in it's path. This year has been an utter expense financially and personally as it is with floods etc, the last thing everyone needs is trees through their windows, cars, or roof tiles off their houses. I can get excited about snow etc, but this sort of weather is just a general pain in the backside. Bring back the snow. This is a horrific so called winter.
  14. To be honest, moving all your furniture upstairs to avoid the on-rushing floods on Christmas Eve, isn't what I'd call fun........Lucky escape is what I'd say.
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