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  1. Now this is the best post of all time , thank you for telling us that , so we are going to be in a Snow geddon ..
  2. Oh well , crack on Spring time then , another bleak winter we are getting here then, also nice to see the nights drawing out .
  3. I and many others think Wales is also the part of the UK , Can you advise us if we are in for some snow or even sleet into the weekend and into next week , Thankyou .
  4. Get 2 Grips , it is only the 2nd day of Jan ... Another 2 months of winter ..Do not follow computer models , They are not the best ever to look at , Fax are the best , i swear down on them UKMO is the one to Follow .... Frack the others , i know the score but will not tell anyone in here as when i have said what will happen my post gets booted .... COLD IS COMING !!! Listen to me and the Met man !! :yahoo:k
  5. Been some great chart's tonight and all getting very exiting ' but Curiosity killed the cat .. wait until UKMO is certain as i only follow them and there Fax Charts , do not ever trust Computer Model's they are very Bullish at time's and they get your hope's up , then Bang .... Downgrades again ... Listen and learn .. i seen it all before many of time's in here ... Have a great Christmas Aqua Star Mist .
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    2. Bobby
    3. I Cumbria Marra I

      I Cumbria Marra I

      cant believe there allowed to post such lies.

    4. Nick L

      Nick L

      I plead with people not to click on these links. Hits = more ad revenue and encourages the likes of the Express and the Daily Heil to continue to damage the profession of meteorology, as well as woefully misinforming the public.

  6. Clouded up here a little , but looking south is where I should be for some good stuff .
  7. So nothing at all for parts of Wales or the South East of Wales .
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