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  1. i'm not sure if the met office is having a nervous breakdown but its got me down for -10 feeling like -18 next week
  2. now now chaps lets play nice. i havent seen any snow yet here in Kingston, i'm hoping i may do later?
  3. no i dont have one but i have considered it would like to know if anyone has experience of them?
  4. it has become very dark and grey in Kingston now. I think SADS is already kicking in. Oh I wish i had had a holiday this year!
  5. a flight from gatwick to heathrow had to turn back:Virgin Atlantic' G-VROM 747 has declared an emergency near to Exeter after departing London Gatwick Virgin Atlantic 747' also reported fumes in the cabin on the South West coast
  6. #FR9431 Ryanair. Rome-Dublin diverted to Newcastle Airport after making a go around at Dublin
  7. ive been following fightradar 24, some planes have been calling emergencies around manchester, wondering if its to do with the dust, and a flight to Orland oahs to return to Gatwick. can i post this here? Not sure https://twitter.com/FlightAlerts777
  8. The sky is a very strange colour here in Kingston, almost orange clouds with a red sky shining through. Can anyone explain it to me please?
  9. my garden gate has been ripped off the wall, nice big hole in my fence now. anyone know what sort of time it will peak for this area?
  10. No, I only had 8 percent on my phone so thought i best save the battery!
  11. i was in the shower last night at 9.30 when the electric went off. covered in shampoo in the dark.. was not fun! crawled around for a towel and a candle, but by midnight i was so cold had to go to my mums! power apparently came back on about 5.30am. had to defrost car this morning and would really love some snow to go with this cold!
  12. I am driving from Ashbocking in Suffolk back to Kingston tomorrow, night stay here and see if there is any snow!
  13. Writing on this phone is a pain, I keep making typos... and embarrassing ones hahahaha
  14. Anyone round my way able to tell me if we are line line for anything tomorrow? X
  15. Haha whoops!! Def a streamer please, way too cold for a streaker