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  1. I am in Beccles, Near the Norfolk/Suffolk border and there is definite sleet. Winds got up too. Drove through fog between here and Ipswich about 6.30pm
  2. Afternoon all. i am in Kingston Upon Thames currently, but heading to Suffolk shortly. Hoping I won't regret leaving London this weekend!
  3. oh that radar looks amazing for the west country!
  4. my friend lves in Devon and has been told to stay inside from 3pm. looks crazy down there!
  5. has definitely got more windy in Kingston, and its so cold in the shade!
  6. you havent stopped moaning in here mate
  7. its suddenly kicking off in Kingston!
  8. Sunnny skies on and nothing on the ground here in Kingston upon Thames. Not sure if we are due anything today but heading to work!
  9. nothing in Kingston upon Thames, not sure if we are too West here but haven’t looked at the radar yet, just got in from work. So cold out there!,
  10. Evening all! So I haven’t read anything over the weekend as not had great reception. I came back to try and catch up and I have no idea what’s happening apparently it’s all over and we aren’t having Armageddon, then we are, then the forum has split I’m lost! Are we on track for the greatest winter/cold/snow or not. I’m I can’t catch up with so many pages, any chance someone could tell me are we upgraded downgraded or no idea? I would be really gratefully
  11. The wind has really picked up here in Kingston!
  12. Outside, the sky was almost brown The clouds were hanging low. Then all of a sudden it happened: The air was full of snow. The children rushed to the windows. The teacher let them go, Though she teased them for their foolishness. After all, it was only snow. It was only snow that was falling, Only out of the sky, Only onto the turning earth Before the blink of an eye. What else could it do from up here, But fall in its usual way? It was only weather, really. What else could you say? The teacher sat at her desk Putting ticks in a little row, While the children stared through the steamy glass At the only snow. always loved this poem.
  13. i'm not sure if the met office is having a nervous breakdown but its got me down for -10 feeling like -18 next week