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  1. Well that was a pleasant surprise. A couple of cms this am. Must have fallen last night as completely frozen
  2. -3 in Balmedie this am. No snow although there was a few flakes driving to work this am. Looks like it going to remain cold until middle of next week then getting a bit milder.
  3. Morning all. Pleasant surprise of about a cm of snow this am. Don't think we will see more snow this week over on the east coast. Could be interesting for folk further west though.
  4. Definitely a lazy Sunday type of day here.. thoroughly miserable looking outside. Just had a sleety/hail heavy shower that was stotting off the windows.. winter appears to be over with temps into double figures early Feb if the MT banter thread is to be believed. I may see a bit of snow tonight but temps will have to start dropping soon. Is currently 6 degrees here.
  5. Deary me. What on earth has happened to the model threads? Ever since they changed the threads they are almost impossible to follow.. shame as I used to like reading the posts of a learned few.
  6. No snow here but clear, crisp and cold. Venus and Jupiter sparkling over the harbour
  7. Would seem things have gone the way of the pear according to the MT.. snow all but gone here and we have returned to the default damp and grey.
  8. Covering of snow here but wow, that was some thunder snow around 3.30 am. Woke the whole house
  9. Another damp grey morning.. A bit like the mood in the MT. The BBCs longer range forecast last night described the difficulty in forecasting anything at the moment. Could be cold next week or relatively mild. The weather as always will do as it pleases. Actually starting to get a bit scunnered with this weather now and looking forward to the longer days.
  10. We have snow !!! Albeit the lightest of lightest dustings but it was definitely snow !! Was -1 this am with hard frost.
  11. A bit of calm after the storm here in Balmedie. Quite a pleasant day now. Seems to be a bit of growing interest in the models for cold/snowy weather to appear later in the month...…..
  12. -2 first thing in Balmedie this am. Got to -4 when I arrived at work in the city centre though. Stunning sun rise over the north sea this am. Without sounding overly negative ( and I do quite enjoy reading some of the posts of the more learned posters in the HFC thread. And I do hope that cold / snow is not too far from arriving ), if the MET office has access to far more model data that the mere mortals and they have updated their longer range forecast to the potential of cold arriving late Jan/Feb then isn't the hunt for any earlier cold a bit pointless ?
  13. Cold and grey here on the east coast. I do wonder if the SSW is not going to bring the snow/cold that some of us are looking for. The latest 16-30 day forecast from the met seems to be quite a bit of a downgrade
  14. Merry Xmas folks. Hope you all had a good one. Had a fantastic day trip to visit Santa in Lapland last week. Although not huge amounts of snow , certainly enough for a festive scene. It got down to -31 by the river so had to make a few journeys in doors to try to keep warm. Kids loved it though. Seems that we will have to wait until mid January before we get a chance of any real cold to these shores.
  15. Noticeably milder today 10 degrees when I left to work back of 7. Forecaster on 5 live suggested it might get colder on Xmas day very briefly then a quick return to milder westerly winds....?. I know the winter hasn’t officially started yet but there hasn’t even been a hint of colder weather this neck of the woods this year. Usually we get a few frosts and flurries by now but not a thing..
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