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  1. I think we could get some feezing rain tonight. Well rain that subsequently freezes on selected surfaces only.
  2. OK... just had a look outside, heavy frost on the cars. Looks like some precipitation also?? I count that as wintery...
  3. howdy all, I just drove down from a snowy central London at +0.5c to a green Crawley at +6c... Never done that before... Rupert
  4. Morning all, heavy snow here for a couple of hours. Settling on most things including the roads (that I can see). It is wet snow though, its not going to stick around for long..
  5. I don't think I am going to bother looking out the window. btw there is a banner add on my version of this page for ... "Lamp Posts - Huge Range" that made me chuckle.. R
  6. It is actually snowing here ! Proper fluffy flakes settling. looks nice
  7. Yea! looks like its turning to sleety-snow ! The first I have seen here since early April 2013. Actually more like sleety-sleet now.
  8. Getting near the height now. Rain suddenly stopped... something building I'll huff and i'll puff and i'll blow your house down..
  9. Apologies, but I did not know the english for "greatly reduced electricity so that it makes the place look ... brown". That is what we have here. It not a power cut. Internet still working amazingly.
  10. Gradually loosing electricity, lights so dim now. Fading like old battery. Only thing working is the internet (amazing). This may be be my last post for the night. Slowley slipping away ... byeeeeee e e e e e ..
  11. We have a very strange brown out. Got about 15% of normal power. Been like it for about an hour. Most things not working at all. Some modern lights about 40% but most at weak candle level. The only thing that seems normal is the internet & laptop on battery. Very weird atmosphere..
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