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  1. Hi First time poster on here but a long time follower of all the weather chat on here. I do feel however that I need to comment on the perilous position we find ourselves in. I only wish I had taken part more actively in the debate. The one thing I feel that has been overlooked is how globalised our economy already is and how privileged a position we were in being in the EU but not in the Euro. To give an example, I work for a US pharmaceutical company that imports into the UK and is then able to export 2 thirds of the goods into the EU without tariffs. The new reality is we will now have to incur tariffs to export these goods into the EU ( we do currently to Efta countries such as Switzerland and Norway so negotiating a similar deal would make no difference). The question for my company and many others would be why base yourselves in the UK now that there is an extra barrier? If I was a member state of the eu I would see this as an opportunity to get jobs relocated from the UK to the eu. This situation would have the most impact on operational support staff rather than the graduate and skilled roles. I really fear that the people who have voted out believing they will get a better deal are going to be in for serious disappointment. Just as a last point, we have already been told our situation is up for review.
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