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  1. @Surrey hi Surrey are we excited eating a Thames streamer tonight. How will Surrey fair in this?
  2. So is Surrey due a Thames streamer tonight? Or am I reading my things wrong @Steve Murr
  3. I can confirm snow in cobham.... we had a foot of snow in feb 2009 from the famous Thames streamer..... what will this one produce!
  4. That’s when you know snow is on the way my friend! Yes I am back to see in this cold snap!
  5. What surprised me is how quickly the cold got moved. It got moved by one system from the Atlantic that didn’t even have the jet behind it powering it through.
  6. It’s been awesome this week guys... literally had everything and I have been glued to the models and this thread ? we finally got what we wanted and some of us had been waiting for this for 5 years or more guys that’s it from me for this winter unless we get some more cold from somewhere but it is time for me to actually talk to my friends and family and a female perhaps ?
  7. Freezing rain absolutely incredible for this country don’t think I have ever seen it
  8. This has been a remarkable cold spell for England.... unfortunetly some placesgothit worse than others.... in Surrey we had hardly any snow However, this has been noteworthy for some parts especially more in the south west..... and freezing rain.... I haven’t seen any myself but that is a rare event.... and the temperatures
  9. @Steve Murr First of all huge thank you coming from a newish member, you have helped me track a lot of the precipitation through the week and have taught me a lot of new stuff. Have you seem the ECM... thoughts? Looks like the cold heads back down south next week I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH THE WEATHER
  10. is this snow going to keep going north east- when will it start turning of to the west?
  11. I might be mistake but the system looks like it is moving north west straight for London ir will this get pushed the other directly once it hits the easterly winds? can someone shed light on this?
  12. 5cm in cobham and the roads are terrible..... was really coming down earlier.... looking at the radar the wind has turned north so waiting for the next bit of fun
  13. Snowing steadily here in surrey been snowing wing since I got back have got about 2cms in the ground! Didn’t expect this!
  14. Am I right in thinking the showers will move directly east now putting London in the firing zone?
  15. I do not comment on netweather as I just enjoy reading and getting to grips with all the weather stuff. However, I was glued to my phone for this cold spell and now I can finally say it is snowing in Cobham!
  16. How are the snow chances looking for Surrey..... from my untrained eye there looks like no chance.... can anyone shed some light on this?
  17. Maybe this high might be good guys.... it gives more cold weather to tap into to the north of us and east? It will also bring down ground temps..... and we have so much going for us looking at the models and nothing has been decided!
  18. I am back for another winter! The models look good, my money is on the ecm. Anyway, if we had -4 uppers over us for a number of days wouldn't the air just be getting colder and colder and the temp would keep dropping?
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