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  1. Mentioned on the BBC TV week ahead weather last night. Denver going from 27C sunny to -2C snowing in the space of 12 hours. Imagine if you fell asleep on the sun lounger in the garden.
  2. Felt really mild and humid up until about 4pm and warm in the sunny periods. Clouds and showers coming in from the west/south west not really changing the temperature too much. Then around 4:30pm clouds and thunderstorm coming from the north/north west, torrential downpour, overhead thunder, hail. After it passed feeling cold in the strong northerly breeze. Wonder if that sudden change from humid south westerly to potent northerly would have given some thundersnow in winter.
  3. Just a thought but if it's partly cloudy but not over the part of the sky where the sun is, potentially that could add an extra 0.5C because heat radiation bounces from the ground to the cloud then back down again.
  4. 26.3C, wow smashed the date record for the 13th October then. It should stay warm well into the evening/night, until the rain moves in. Incredible that this same strength of sunshine was during Beast from the East earlier this year. We've experienced the full range of temperatures possible with the sun at this angle.
  5. Well Met Office tweeted that Northolt did 24.6C today. The warmest October day since that incredible 2011 spell when we got 29.9C on 1st October. We didn't quite beat the 10th October temperature record either of 25.6C from 1921. The sun is now at about the same strength as it was during the beast from the east earier this year, but today with a max about 25-30 degrees higher.
  6. Just managed to touch 32C despite the variable cloud cover - roughly 70% cloud cover locally I'd say (Abingdon). Reminds me of 1st July 2015 when we got to 33C/34C under similar cloud cover. I think we'd squeeze another 2C if the cloud clears before 6pm. Unfortunately if it doesn't clear before sunset it will then lock in the heat for the night time period. At least the grass pollen season has wound down now anyway, no more hayfever for me. Would love a thunderstorm overnight but not now as the rain will only serve to increase the humidity, which currently is at quite nice levels in the low 30% region.
  7. Sunshine would have made a big difference today. Inland here it was cloudy, overcast, occasional slight drizzle, temp 9C at 7am, dropped to 7.5C by midday then back up to 8.5C by about 6pm. The extra cold north sea paying us back for those Beasts now.
  8. Wasn't far off being full snow up Hinksey Hill/Boars Hill just south-west of Oxford about 30mins ago. Drove back that way I'd say it was about 75% snow in what was very heavy sleet and 1C-2C. Roads totally saturated with standing water. Only about a 20% snow to rain mix in Abingdon though. The Thames is already high and the fields up-stream of Oxford out towards Witney along the A40 were sodden with standing water on Saturday. I think we may well be seeing flooding issues in the coming days with this tonight and more rain forecast this week. Just checking back the radar it does look like the heaviest precipitation coincided with whilst I was up there:
  9. Although we have around 2cm - 3cm snow here, the wind has blown most surfaces bare so it looks like we have hardly a dusting. It's all piled up against kerbs and objects. Road and pavement are bone dry underneath. Every now and then a cloud of snow is whipped up and blown down the street.
  10. Wow, that snow cover over the Benson frost hollow is going to make for an interesting temp tonight under these uppers! It might rise a bit before dawn though with winds expected to increase later on.
  11. Lucked out with a heavy snow shower in south Oxfordshire. Approached with really dark menacing skies like an April shower thunderstorm. Great seeing the snow flakes falling about 20 metres in front of you and advancing towards you. Using car thermo, temp dropped from +1 before the shower at 4:30pm to -6 at 6:15pm. Barely a 50% dusting when I got back home though and a balmy -3. Hopefully see some much bigger and more widespread inland convective showers tomorrow with the super cold uppers at their coldest. The shower approaching and the resulting snow:
  12. An early taste of the showers to come for the UK with Germany radar showing lots of snow showers packing into northern parts currently. Travelling well inland too. http://www.weathercast.co.uk/radar/germany.html
  13. I think there will be some showers yeah. More especially when/if the Thames streamer gets going that should send a big dumping our way. I think it was 2nd Feb 2009, a Thames streamer aimed right accross central southern England all the way over to Bristol and out into the Bristol channel. We had about 30cm level snow in Oxfordshire on that occasion. The exact aim will depend on the hour by hour wind direction though.
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