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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Thanks that's interesting to know. That blob of convection is being very stubborn.
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    Is it officially post tropical yet? it still looks like it has a distinct core of high cloud tops and convection.
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Good, this definitely needs to be taken seriously. I wouldn't go as far as mass evacuation but certainly things like government ordered mandatory school closures should be considered.
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    Ophelia has made it onto the European Sat24.com satellite page now. The eye is exceptionally well defined at the moment on the cloud satellite images.
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    Ophelia appears to have developed a clear eye now on cloud satellite. Not yet at category 1 status though according to latest NHC advisory.
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    This one is going to be interesting to watch and see how close to Europe it can get before losing intensity. Once it's past the Azores the sea temperatures drop off quite sharply.
  7. Hurricane Maria

    Maria the larger but weaker of the two hurricanes, whereas Lee much smaller but currently stronger with a good visible eye. Looks like they will meet/combine over the weekend and head straight for the UK. Lee may still be just about at hurricane strength when their two systems collide. This will then subsequently be known as storm Brian here in the UK, assuming it stays strong enough. I hope that any potential impact warnings aren't made confusing to the viewer during the BBC's changeover from Met Office to Meteo Group which is also happening this weekend. The Met Office actually create the names for our Atlantic storms so It will be interesting to see what sort of warnings Meteo Group give out.
  8. Can see the sky flashing away to my south-west from here near Oxford. Nice to look on the lightning map and see an overnight MCS moving across the UK for once instead of France/Germany.
  9. Autumn 2016

    It's a big spike to occur within a 60 minute interval for sure. We really need a half hourly or even minute by minute obs to work this one out. Somewhere at the Met Office must have this data otherwise they wouldn't have recorded it hitting 34.4. Could there have been a brief change in wind direction or a convective downdraft/updraft nearby that caused a sudden rush of warmer air accross the site? From the hourly obs there was a change in wind direction between 4pm and 5pm which did cause a 0.6 increase in temperature but the Twitter statement was released before 4pm wasn't it?
  10. White Horse Leasure Centre in east Abingdon. Constant rumbling but only 3 or 4 real loud ones so far.
  11. Very active storm in south Oxfordshire. Constant rumbling approaching, no gaps between the rumbles.
  12. On way back home noticed a mixture of soft hail or wet snow has settled on sheltered areas of grass between Boars Hill and Lodge Hill, North Abingdon. None really in the town itself though. It was light sleet/wet snowing on Boars Hill too when I drove past about 11:30pm. Temp fluctuated between 2C and 3C on car thermometer. Gritters out spreading too.
  13. My heating use has been minimal in recent weeks due to the mild weather but my dehumidfier has been running several hours a day. Although running the dehumidfier is still cheaper than turning the heating on. It might say 15 or 16 Celcius on an outdoor thermometer recently but I'm sure the feels like temperature must be in excess of 20 Celcius with all this humidity.
  14. And If we get really desperate there's always October. We had that 30 degree October spell a few years ago and even just last year we had 24C on Halloween and that's practically November! Now that was a really odd day as it was very warm and sunny but with a winter-esque 4:36pm sunset.
  15. Taking London as an example, the sunrise time gets to 7:39am on the day before we change the clocks back in October this year. In March the sunrise time got to 5:46am the day before we changed the clocks forward. If we had done the clock change on the first Sunday of March this year instead the sunrise time would have been changed from the 6:47am we actually had to 7:47am. So we should move our Spring clock change to the first weekend of March to make it roughly proportional to the Autumn clock change in terms of sunrise times.