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  1. But the back ground signals all say different. Oh wait they have been saying that since December.
  2. I inch pitched here in north glos. Happy for you lot In the sw of the region, enjoy...
  3. About 0.5 of a cm here in north glos. Nice surprise, drive to work should be fun
  4. I think you can get just as good forecast on here or just looking at the models yourself. You would of thought the met with all there millions of pounds of equipment would do slightly better. But it seems we can see the changes in the forecast before they do. Not knocking them but expect better.
  5. The cfs daily is showing nice charts. Shame its 550 odd hours away.
  6. Better in the south of the country.wet the further north you go . Pressure higher to the south with a mainly westerly flow.
  7. Have faith in the met. The south west will be pasted.im to far north in the region (north glos.) But whoever gets it enjoy.
  8. I'm from the south west tread. But heading up to avimore to sample some Scottish snowboarding from next Monday to Friday. Do any off you think the Cairngorms will get plastered from this set up. Would be just as happy stuck in a blizzard.
  9. I agree frosty. Keep the post's going. Not a bad week at all for the uk. I'm sure some surprises will pop up.
  10. 45 metres. Quite surprised really. I think you could get a few hours of snow with your elevation.
  11. Snowing here in North glos. Temp 0.7 don't think it will be long till it turns back to rain. Slushy deposits on car.
  12. The ukmo 168 is about as reliable as the metro 30 dayer. I live in the SW mids And I've had at least ten days of lying snow in December alone. This winter feels like the 80s.
  13. And I bring you the CFS daily. Only 800 odd hours away.
  14. Best snow where I live since 2010. And winter is only 15days old. This winter just feels different to the last few
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