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  1. Rumbles now in South Ockendon! Feeling very heavy now! Absolutely sweating doing nothing!
  2. I'm sure I'm hearing rumbles from the towers that are going up to my south. I have that stormy feeling - goosebumps and a headache! Spent three hours in the gym keeping cool haha!
  3. I think in fairness it was just an answer to the question which was did anyone get close to 35 degrees in the end? And yes I am a fellow South Ockendonite haha!
  4. Well the rain has stopped in South Ockendon and the sun is making an appearance! its feeling very muggy, hopefully a sign of things to come later!
  5. Good morning everyone! Well the wind in Thurrock is strong enough to shut the QE2 bridge leading to the usual traffic chaos around where I live! It’s an absolute nightmare around Lakeside anc the surrounding areas!
  6. And yet a bit further up in Ockendon it’s quite heavy am settling now too! Funny old world!
  7. Steady snow falling now in South Ockendon and beginning to settle on some of the cars! Frustrating day today! I woke up to heavy snow settling in the early hours only to find it all gone by this morning and then rain all day! Let’s see what round two will bring then!
  8. Not sure about Basildon but it’s definitely snowing in Ockendon now, not that far away.
  9. Evening everyone from South Ockendon where I’m pretty sure there are snowflakes coming down in the rain! It looks sleety to me! I have a lamp post directly outside my bedroom window!
  10. It’s actually very warm in sunny south Ockendon at the moment with a pleasant breeze! My phone app says 24 degrees and I know that’s not accurate but it’s all I have to hand at present! It’s very nice anyway!
  11. Got caught in an extremely heavy shower at belhus that soaked us all to the skin. Driving back to Ockendon it seems dry? I wonder if it rained or has it just dried up already!
  12. If you’re hearing thunder then maybe that is what I can hear just across the river in Thurrock.
  13. Sitting on my garden swing chair here in South Ockendon enjoying the gentle pitter patter of raindrops falling around me! Still about 27 degrees and feeling very humid and straining my ears to hear very distant rumbles! Not sure if that last bit is my imagination but the sky is very heavy!
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