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  1. Awoke at 2am this morning and decided to stick my head around the curtain. There was a nice covering of snow on the grass and cars. Went back to bed and a few minutes later heard rain against the window and of course it was gone this morning. Neighbour thought I must have been dreaming! Helps that I have a little elevation here at c.140m above sea level.
  2. Just back online after having power, water & telephone knocked out by the storm at 1.30pm on Wednesday. Worst I'd seen since 1987 when I lived in London.
  3. Light sprinkling of snow on cars & roof tops this morning with occasional flurries.
  4. Wind & rain picking up big time here in the south of Ireland.
  5. Lived in Cahir from 2000 to 2004 and can't remember ever seeing the park in that condition!
  6. The main concern for the coming weekend will be the threat of coastal flooding with the onset of high spring tides and possible stormy conditions.
  7. Just went out back for some fuel for the fire and to my surprise snow has started to settle. Just a light dusting.
  8. Just home from visiting the in-laws down in Cromane, Co. Kerry. They live a few hundred yards from the sea front. After the fierce storm last night I was awoken at 5am by shouts as the sea had surrounded the house and was lapping at the front step. As the high tide peaked the house was saved by inches, unlike some of the surrounding properties.
  9. Snowing here! Three miles outside Cashel, Co Tipp, and starting to settle.
  10. Just saw that Kent railway station down in Cork City has had its roof collapse due to the wind with three injured. Be careful out there folks!
  11. Very wild here at the mo. Just got soaked doing the school run!
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