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  1. It is realy difficult to have faith in UK government advice when only 5 days ago they recommended that people over 70 should avoid cruises ! Now they have U-turned and gone from 'Herd Immunity' to lockdown Valuable days were wasted by there indecision Most people knew Cheltenham should have been cancelled In the previous briefing they used the excuse of the WHO decalaration of pandemic to change course Valuable days were wasted and many of us will pay with our lives
  2. Surely the Diamond Princess is the best indicator of mortality rate All on board were tested 697 positive 7 deaths Critical has dropped from 30 to 15 Average age 58 33% were 70 or older This not to bad considering the age group - however they all obvioulsy have had the best available care But has virus mutated since ? Cruise ship data helps reveal coronavirus death rate: researchers WWW.FOXNEWS.COM Reliable data on the new coronavirus's death rate has been scarce, with early numbers coming from China. But r
  3. Germany seems welll prepared to deal with this UK only has 5000 ventilators and no company that manufacters them Souce FT.com
  4. We need ventilators more than anything else to save lives Germany has a major manufacturer that is cranking up production Trump said he has ordered large numbers of ventilators - What are we doing ? Subscribe to read | Financial Times WWW.FT.COM News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication
  5. I do not like this governments policy of 'Herd Immunity' It appears they are wiiling to sacrifice the old and the weak for economic reasons Take procative measures when you are ahead of the curve, don't allow mass gatherings and close schools China has proven that containment is possible with extreme measures - Why can't we do the same ? Looks like the premier league is finished now anyway - Maybe they are waiting for the herds to make decisions for them
  6. Surely we can use the Diamond Princess cruise ship as a good case study to examine fatality rates because we have an accurate number for infected persons 691 confirmed infected as of Feb 25th 6 Deaths as of today Also it appears the vast majority of infected are aged 60 and over Does anybody know how many of infected have recovered or are in critcal condition ?
  7. That's directly over the WHITE-house No wonder there's a government shutdown !
  8. Goodbye Leslie, we will miss you ! If she hadn't gone Extratropical on September 25th for a couple of days this would be discussion number 78 000 WTNT43 KNHC 132036 TCDAT3 Post-Tropical Cyclone Leslie Discussion Number 70 NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL132018 500 PM AST Sat Oct 13 2018 After a total of 70 advisories, long-lived Leslie has become post-tropical just west of the coast of Portugal, finally succumbing to the combination of cool waters, strong vertical wind shear, and interaction with an approaching cold front. The air mass ahead of the cyclone has moistened up
  9. NHC discussion number 53 final sentence I can't rule out that Leslie could remain a tropical cyclone almost indefinitely if it continues meandering over the northern Atlantic. Forecaster Zelenski is going to need a holiday by the time Leslie is done !
  10. I have also been monitoring this unusual system. On Tuesday it transitioned from Subtropical to Extratropical and was no longer covered by the National Hurricane Center. Then on Friday after it drifted south it transitioned back to Subtropical and was again covered by the national hurricane centre with the same name. Now it is Tropical and likely to become a hurricane for a while. Has anybody seen this happen before ?
  11. I rarely post here but enjoy the reading I only look at fax charts and find this one fascinating Where does the low go from here and what happened to the Scandi heights ? Expert opinion much appreciated
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