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  1. Met office text forecast mentions the possibility of snow or freezing rain on Sunday. Still 4 days away so may come to nothing.
  2. A slight dusting overnight. Temp got down to -4.2 but too much cloud to fall any further.
  3. Some pictures from this morning's walk. Clouded over now with a few flakes floating past the window. Still -3.
  4. Another slight covering of snow overnight. Temp now -4 and the sun has just come out. Looks stunning.
  5. Some light snow still falling and temp now -1. The heavier stuff earlier has turned everything white again, just. Hoping it might pep up a bit.
  6. Heavy snow shower, starting to settle on the clear bits of road and pavement.
  7. Temp here crept about freezing here for 4hrs maxed at 0.4. Strangely enough it was right after the heaviest shower of the day when the snow was just starting to fill in the gaps. Quite a lot melted from the pavements and roads but nowhere else really. The sun came out briefly as well. Back down below freezing now.
  8. Slight thaw today with temps just above freezing now at 0.4. A few flurries blowing in the wind again.
  9. Really odd. The big heavy flakes have been replaced by fine flakes and now it's started to accumulate on parrts of the paths and roads that have cleared. And now the sun has come out and the snow has eased off...
  10. Heaviest snow so far today, really coming down now. Temp -0.2c. Not sure it's adding much to the accummulation though.
  11. Snowing quite heavily now. Thought it was all going to my south east so a bit of a bonus.
  12. A few pics from my walk earlier and a 2ft high snowman myself and my daughter managed to construct, not easy with the dry powdery snow.
  13. I can see the band to my south east and showers passing to my north west, a few flakes fluttering down ATM. Doesn't look there was any more snow overnight. Everything frozen solid temp now -2.8.
  14. Been snowing since about 530 this afternoon and still going. Sometimes fairly heavily. Pretty much covered the foot prints and areas I cleared this morning. I estimate a further 4cms has fallen in that time so got about 11cms now. Temp got to -1.4 earlier, now -1.6.
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