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  1. Don't think this is a very accurate measurement but I left a bucket out in the garden after emptying the paddling pool last night and there is now 15mm of water in it, after the storm earlier.
  2. Easing off now, was a good little storm while it lasted. Hope it makes it to you.
  3. Absolutely hammering down now. Seeing some decent flashes as well now. Thunder not particularly loud though.
  4. Storm just started here in north Essex. Lots of rumbling and heavy rain just started.
  5. Well quite a contrast to yesterday morning. Low cloud and a northerly breeze dare I say it almost feels a bit chilly.
  6. Lots of dark clouds to my west that have blocked out the sun. I'm pretty far east and I can't see anything on the radar that close by.
  7. Yeah, I hope that's not the imfamous "Thundery rain" that turns out to be just rain.
  8. Click the down arrow next to your name at the top of the page. Select Profile then edit your profile and add it in there.
  9. The radar animation on the met office site has them moving north but disintegrating half way across the channel.
  10. Hey the latest meto office automated forecast is giving me a 60% chance of a thunder storm at 8:00am tomorrow morning and 50% chance between 3 and 5 tomorrow afternoon. I realise that there's just as much chance of this not happening at all but it's better than nothing.
  11. Looking at the blitzortung site I can see there's a massive storm wasting itself in the North sea. https://www.blitzortung.org/en/live_lightning_maps.php?map=12
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