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  1. That EC chart is for Friday the 14th I think. It's got American dates
  2. Think it might have been the 29th March 1952. Someone posted a video of the university boat race taking place in a snowstorm, with snow laying all along the banks of the Thames.
  3. Persistent light snow all day in north Essex. Temp -1 dew point -2. Not much has settled, a couple of cms mainly on grass, cars and roofs. The met office forecast has me down for heavy snow from now until 1 in the morning but I think their definition of heavy might be different to mine.
  4. Reminding me of March 2013 here at the moment. Then we Ended up with 5cms on grass and cars but struggled to settle on pavements and roads. Be interesting to see if it settles to a greater extent later when the amber warning kicks in.
  5. Been snowing moderately in north Essex. Settled on roofs, grass and cars about 1cm. temp 0.0 dew point -1
  6. Local met office forecast has updated to show heavy snow from 3 until 11 tonight. It's also showing heavy snow for London between 12 and 9. It's been fairly accurate on the day this week. I am a bit sceptical this time so just a case of wait and see.
  7. My local met office forecast is showing light snow all day from 9, heavy snow for a time this evening.
  8. Not entirely sure but might be a south east moving depression with the 528 dam line wrapped around it. Could indicate snow possibilities.
  9. I thought I was imagining it but now the lamppost outside my house in on there is definitely some light snow falling now.
  10. Been snowing all morning, just easing off now. Proper blizzard conditions with fine driving snow and drifting. It was bad for a while. Nobody should have been out but I saw people driving in it. no idea how much new snow has fallen but a good few cms.
  11. Radar seems to be showing precipitation building across Essex. Dry but cloudy here at the moment -4.7
  12. Maybe they are not using the latest info yet?