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  1. At 6.4c January 2020 shares the same mean CET with January's: 1736 1875
  2. Another snow shower. Bit heavier and longer lasting this one. Might be a bit sleety though actuaually. Almost stoped again now as well.
  3. Thanks. Just had another brief light snow shower. Think another might happen shortly.
  4. Do you think there's any chance of us getting anything significant come this way either tonight or tomorrow?
  5. A little bit of light snowfall from a cloud that just blew over.
  6. Saw the same. Cleared again now though. Don't know if we'll get anything more today?
  7. That's all I remember we had that Winter too. Suns out now though and it's already starting to recede where it's settled. Hopefully more later though with any luck.
  8. It seems to have suddenly almost stopped. Hopefully more to come though. But as you say at least we've seen some snow now at least this Winter.
  9. At 5.8c December 2019 shares the same mean CET with December's: 1723 1826 1831 1865 1922 1929 1949 1972 1979 1997 2000
  10. Well if you take the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s that's 3 whole decades with less than 4 each. Maybe it'll end up similar this time with just the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s that are so low with an increase due in the 2020s. One can hope anyway.
  11. Fantastic spell this was and was actually one of the first instances for me of setting off a craving for cold and snowy Winters (whereas before it was more of a just craving it at Christmas and now and again in the vain hope school would get closed). Even though it was short it was kind of enough at the time and with pretty much a repeat here exactly a year later ( 29th. I mentioned in the Christmas weather historical thread it was the 27th in 2001 but it was in fact 2 days later) I was contented with them for those Winters as they were a decent cold and snowy spell for each Winter that fell almost perfectly in the Christmas holidays. 2002 came without such charm and this set me up as the almost constantly disappointed snow fanatic I remain to this day .
  12. These are the times I recall seeing snow of any amount on the 24th to 26th December. 2001: A few flakes fell briefly on the afternoon of the 25th, so a technical white Christmas here. Wasn't enough for a covering, even a dusting but those few flakes stuck around. (was made up for on the evening of the 27th though) 2004: There were a few flakes blowing around during the day on the 25th and then more substantial snowfall on the evening, giving a modest but complete covering. The best white Christmas I'd ever witnessed to this point. It stuck around for Boxing Day too. 2009: There was a covering of snow on the 24th which had fell on the 23rd. Unfortunately it was slowly thawing throughout the day from some misty mild gunk that had moved in. Come the big day there was nothing left save for the odd residual patch that were few and far between. So I sometimes like to think this one was a sort of white Christmas as there were a couple of tiny bits of snow in my back garden still plus there was a lot more snow around on Christmas Eve, but it's a push to call it so really. 2010: Easily the finest example I've yet witnessed. No snow falling, but a deep snow cover mostly dropped on the 22nd but with snow still there from the 18th before it, which left a nice deep lush blanket to see through the 24th, 25th and 26th. It was like something we in this country only see in the likes of Hollywood Christmas movies set in Chicago and such. What a magical Christmas for the UK that was. 2014: There was some wet snow on the evening of the 26th giving a thin slushy covering. So too late for an actual white Christmas, but still pretty close. Whats amazing though is none of these events were more than than 5 years apart. That's actually pretty good going from a UK perspective for getting snow on or very close to Christmas Day. As a side note 2017 came very close for snow on Boxing Day here. We had a mixture of rain and sleet, but not too far on the other side of Birmingham there was snow on the 26th which gave a covering there. Don't think there's much hope of seeing any amount of snow on those dates this year though, but never say never I guess.
  13. For now I'll try to take comfort in the fact that it's very rare for a single pattern to last an whole season. February is only just under 6 weeks away though, surely things will be different by then. Hopefully in a much more cold and snowy type of way.
  14. Just for context, in astronomical terms Winter has only just started meaning we've got an whole 3 months until it ends. Who knows what the weather will bring in that time.
  15. It shouldn't be overlooked that the post 2013 era has already produced at least one big cold spell, just last year (calendar wise) so it's not really as if we've gone without one for too long by UK standards. Still we'll be coming up to the 2 year period in just over a couple of months time. Hopefully our luck will change before then and we won't come to the point where it'll have to be at least getting towards 3 years. Though we've gone way longer before, I just hope we don't get to that point.
  16. Astronomical Spring doesn't start for over 3 months yet and severe cold and snow has even occurred post then (such as 2013). There's loads of time left for a cracking snow event or more before it becomes impossible again until next Autumn. Stay positive folks .
  17. All talk of the Hadley cell pushing north aside, hasn't December for the most part always been far more Autumnal than Wintry in a UK context anyway. And as for Winters becoming more restricted to January and February, I thought this realistically has always been the case, though to be honest I've often felt it is these two months in recent years that have delivered less anyway rather than December which if anything has been maybe slightly more snowy than either it seems to me, certainly February anyway, though I suppose we've had a couple of March's to make up for it. As for 2010 that was a fairly rare type of December in any era not just now. We don't even have to go back as far as then though for a more likely cold type of December. 2017 was fantastic here in the Midlands, Wales and Scotland too. Even parts of the south east had some snow and it wasn't anywhere near as cold as 2010. Shame it wasn't far more nationwide otherwise it would have been more fondly remembered, but still a good range of UK regions had snow. I don't think anywhere had a white Christmas, though close with snow on Boxing Day in parts of Scotland and the Midlands. This December isn't anywhere near as good so far but with still more than half the month to go, nobody can rule out somewhere in the country (not just high ground) getting a good snow event before the month is out.
  18. December 2017 was actually quite a good one in this part of the country, despite not been all that cold (CET 4.8c) I saw more snow that December than I do most. In fact it was 2 years ago exactly today we had a really good dumping round here which stuck around for about 3 days I think. Also on Boxing Day there was snow the other side of Birmingham (just sleet here that time unfortunately) which I had the good fortune to see on the evening of the 28th when it was still lying. Although not as much as the event on the 10th it was still a full covering which looked really nice and festive with all the Christmas lights still up and such. Easily the second best December of the 2010's after 2010 itself obviously. Still time for December 2019 to challenge it yet though. I almost forgot there was also a cold spell that began on Boxing Day 2014. It snowed here but was very wet and left only a thin slushy covering. There was a brief anticyclonic period immediately following accompanied with frost but this was brief. Apart from that can't think of much else at or near to the festive period, but as you say cold spells aren't overly common at that time of year in this country anyway so having 3 cold spells around then in a decade is probably around average. Not to mention I think 2010 raised our expectations a bit in terms of the perfect but rare type of sypnotics for a December cold spell. I'd take how it was round here December 2017 every year though if it was on offer. Though even better would be the snow falling on Christmas Eve or Day rather than the 10th. Then it would be perfect.
  19. Leading on to a bitterly cold and snowy February I'm sure . Too be fair though we're talking too far in the future to get too despondent. Even GP has had to change his opinions accordingly in the past from time to time. So no real need to be write the first two thirds of Winter off just yet.
  20. If it's any consolation though, Winters 1776/77 and 1783/84 were pretty cold with Jan and Feb 1777 having a CET of 1.9c and 2.3c respectfully . And Dec 1783 was 2.7c along with Jan and Feb 1784 at -0.6c and 1.4c respectfully. Dec 1927 was cold at 2.1c (though Jan and Feb 1928 weren't). And Jan 1945 was a very cold 0.4c.
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