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  1. It's clear here with a frost developing. Got to be a good thing if we do catch any showers later. Not getting my hopes up though.
  2. Getting some big flakes here now and was really heavy a moment ago but still refused to settle. Did sort of try though.
  3. Seems to be all snow now. Still not conducive for settling though.
  4. At 6.4c January 2020 shares the same mean CET with January's: 1736 1875
  5. Another snow shower. Bit heavier and longer lasting this one. Might be a bit sleety though actuaually. Almost stoped again now as well.
  6. Thanks. Just had another brief light snow shower. Think another might happen shortly.
  7. Do you think there's any chance of us getting anything significant come this way either tonight or tomorrow?
  8. A little bit of light snowfall from a cloud that just blew over.
  9. Saw the same. Cleared again now though. Don't know if we'll get anything more today?
  10. That's all I remember we had that Winter too. Suns out now though and it's already starting to recede where it's settled. Hopefully more later though with any luck.
  11. It seems to have suddenly almost stopped. Hopefully more to come though. But as you say at least we've seen some snow now at least this Winter.
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