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  1. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Lol, it's not wet conditions (if by that you mean cold rain or sleet) I'm worried about missing out on, but a big dumping of snow. If it was to just be cold and wet I wouldn't care to miss out on it. I like warm and sunny weather too but it was the amazingly rare synoptics that last night's 18z was advertising for well into April that I was concerned of missing out on. That seems a bit less clear this morning it seems, although still quite possible. Until the last few weeks I didn't even think such was very probable and that Spring would have become properly established by then and I'm sure many of us would have been more than satisfied with what we had in December and late February/early March and even mid to late March with last weekend as another bonus. It's just that we very rarely get weather like we've been having so late into the season and I wanted to experience all of it before the road to Summer is well and truly here. Of course these synoptics a month or two earlier would have been preferable but I'll take wintry conditions whenever I can get them, especially after the 4 mild and practically snowless Winters we've endured before this one. I'm just hoping that this Winter/Spring is just a taster for next Winter and the next few beyond and that we can get an epic cold and snowy spell in the heart of Winter again soon. Of course you're right I should just look forward to what will hopefully be some warm and sunny weather on holiday and not be concerned about what the weather will be like here whilst I'm away as I'm going regardless so I might as well enjoy it. But I'm just another mad cold and snow loving netweather member I guess and don't like the idea of missing out on the potential for any of my favourite weather .
  2. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Well it looks like my worries concerning April are been realised if the models are anything to go by. That is the fact I'll be away in Cyprus for a week from the 6th to 13th and it looks as though I could miss out on a epic cold spell for the time of year . I've got to go though as it's for my sister's wedding. Hopefully I still get to experience some of it before I go but been honest I was hoping that there would be one last hurrah at the end of March then a big warm up just before I go so as I wouldn't miss out on anything at home. Maybe it will still be cold when I get back but it will be about mid April by then so the chances of it been anything worthwhile will be less likely I'd imagine. Next week and into Easter still looks promising though so I'll just have to hope that period delivers still. Then again we're talking well into FI territory for the period I'm on about so who knows really. Sorry if this comes across as selfish it's just a bit frustrating that I won't be here and in a warm climate instead and if it is to be, good luck to all of you who'll be in the region and country to enjoy it. As I say I'll just have to hope for the best beforehand and also hope that next Winter delivers too. Not that its been bad at all mind so far this Winter/Spring as I've already had the early December snowy spell as well as 2 so far in late February/early March as well as last weekend, with still every chance late March/early April could also deliver before I go. I guess I'm just greedy about cold and snowy weather and I don't like the idea of missing out on any especially if it's in my back yard. But that's what living somewhere where these synoptic have been rare for a while does to you, if you really like them as I do. Sorry to ramble just wish I could look forward to the potential properly without worrying if I'll even be at home to enjoy it.
  3. Again this is going by memory alone, but I thought Summer 96 was a fairly good Summer. Not as hot as 95 but I recall it been generally Sunny and useable at least. Then again that could have been just odd days here and there rather than anything particularly long lasting. I didn't tend to think on these things much back then so I just took what came and didn't mind much either way unless it was pouring with rain say, then I guess I didn't like it much as I couldn't spend anytime outside. I remember my Mums cousin getting married that Summer though and that was a nice day as well as a barbeque we went to another day that was sunny.
  4. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Despite the thaw today it still felt really bitter out this afternoon. I went shopping to Walsall and on the way there and back I saw some pretty impressive drifts to the side of the Lichfield Road just after the railway bridge heading towards Walsall on the embankment on the left. That strip seems particularly prone to them in these types of events I've noticed as there was still a fair bit there still from the last event last Sunday I noticed and back in 2013 too. Also hanging down from the bridge were some very long icicles above the opposite lane.
  5. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    The snows rapidly thawing now . Oh well it's my birthday on the 30th and Easter on the 1st and judging by the GFS at least, looks like I might have a chance of a white birthday and Easter combo, here's hoping . I go on holiday for a week to Cyprus on the 6th and now I'm worried I might miss out on an event that week and judging by the CFS April looks like it could be a fairly cold month. Oh well maybe it'll still be cold with snow when I get back. I can't believe we're talking about the potential for cold and snow so far into Spring though, it just seems bizarre really. At this rate we won't even have a Spring. I'm starting to wonder whether we'll even get a Summer and that we might just go straight from Winter to Autumn into Winter again . Then again that might be a bit much even for me and I would like some pleasant Summer weather eventually actually as there'll come a point when below average temperatures won't deliver anything worthwhile except cloud, rain and muck and I'd like some nice warm sunny days before September. After that temperatures can go below average again until Summer next year .
  6. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Very light snow coming down here too. You can barely tell though.
  7. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Just been for a walk around the country footpaths by here and just like last time there are some impressive drifts in this one part, which were up to the top of my leg. They look amazing with their wavy and ice shelf like appearance. Had never seen drifts like that near here until a couple of weeks back and to think that we've got the same again in such a short space of time is quite something. I wouldn't be surprised if it was like that round there in March 2013, but never ventured round there at the time so can't confirm.
  8. I for one hope that this March is followed by a below average Winter like 1837 and 1962. Although this didn't happen in 2013 and it seems that based on this milder Winters more often follow these cold March's than colder ones. Although in 2013 weren't we heading away from solar minimum, whereas now we're heading towards it? Not that I'm naive enough to assume that solar conditions dictate the type of season we get exclusively, but I'm at least hoping it does us some favours and at least gives us cause for optimism.
  9. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Got to be about around a foot say in the outside yard, a bit more in drifts and still coming down although lighter flakes at the moment. It could carry on all day though as far as I'm concerned, not that I'm expecting it to. Then again who expected this much yesterday morning .
  10. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Well what can I say except expectations have been exceeded massively. I've been at the pub with my mate since half 8ish and it started coming down very finely for a while, but when we left its been snowing really heavily with huge flakes that have covered everything and now just keeps on building. What a great event and to some degree is already even better than the last beast as only for short bursts did that deliver big flakes, but this is much heavier. March 2018 is proving to be a classic Winter month despite been meteorologically the first month of Spring. Did I say Spring, what Spring .
  11. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Have had on and off snow showers here all day, with two or three been pretty intense with white out conditions. Still only a splattery dusting though. Hope for more this morning and tonight though as I've got a couple of days off work now so would be nice to have a proper covering of snow to enjoy. We'll see anyway.
  12. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    I like the sound of that. Fingers crossed anyway. I notice in the SE thread they're watching an ever growing blob heading their way.
  13. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Light snow here too, but moderate to fairly big flakes blowing around in the wind.
  14. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    A slight dusting here on rooftops and cars etc, but nothing coming down at the moment. Must be really cold though for it to have settled so easily after the rain yesterday evening.
  15. Frogs and amphibia 2018

    That happened to me a few years back. I ended up filling it in and putting a smaller prefabricated pond in the middle of where it was. Wish I had done it properly now though. Anyway have a few pairs of frogs in there at the minute but no spawn yet. Over the field at the back though there's some big puddles from flooding and there's loads of frogs and spawn there. That'll likely dry out as it always does (or freeze over or get snowed on) soon enough though, so it probably won't survive unfortunately. I've also seen a couple of newts in the pond and they don't usually show up until later. Don't think I'll get any spawn for a bit yet though as the cold weather will set things back a bit.