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  1. You're right it can't be when you consider that when conditions are right snow will even stick to deep bodies of water. Seen it a few times on my garden pond or on the canal nearby. It sort of builds up into a slush if it gets cold enough and heavy enough.
  2. This Winter is starting to feel a little like Winter 2016/17 so far. I'm sure it was that one that showed a lot of potential early on, only to keep getting pushed back to the point where Spring finally arrived without a true Winter before it. Was hoping for better after last Winter. Although the peak of that Winter didn't arrive until the very end of February and on into March, so there's still a fair few weeks left as far as the possibility of a proper cold and snowy spell are concerned. At least last Winter though, here in the Midlands at least we had our first proper snow fix with the slider in early December 17 and there were a few odd wintry snaps with a little snow between then and the beast in late February/early March 18. So at least to this point so far last Winter was already much better than this one.
  3. Walsall Wood Snow

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Just checked and it's snowing again here too. I'm not confident it'll settle at all at the moment but I'm not too fussed as I'm hoping this is just the start of better to come next week.
  4. Walsall Wood Snow

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    It's been snowing on and off here since about half 5ish. Nothings settled though. Speaking of such I was talking to a lad earlier when it was snowing who mentioned that it was only about a month too late, and that the seasons are all out of sync these days and that we get most of our snow in March now (obviously that was the case in 2013 and indeed 2018, but this isn't that strange really for this part of the world and 2 individual years separated by half a decade is hardly a trend). Obviously he meant around Christmas time and therefore has the impression that December should be our most snowy and coldest month. I couldn't be bothered to correct him but I find it amazing sometimes that there are people so uneducated. I can understand where he's coming from in a way,been as there's a lot of paraphernalia associated with wintry scenes around Christmas time that people put up, and been as he probably was born no earlier than the 90s, you can see with the lack of snow even in Jan and Feb since then, that some youngsters might have this false impression. I find it a little annoying though as I got the impression that he falsely believes that snow in January is somehow a result of climate change, whereas if it didn't exist we'd get snow in December instead.
  5. Walsall Wood Snow

    January 2019 C.E.T. forecast and EWP contests

    And of those some very cold monthly finals were: Jan 1810 (2.2c) Feb 1853 (0.6c) Jan 1855 (2.4c) and Feb (-1.7c) Feb 1860 (1.7c) Jan 1880 (0.9c) Jan 1886 (2.1c) and Feb (1.5c) Jan 1917 (1.6c) and Feb (0.9c)
  6. Just wondering if anybody knows whether the records for the annual CET are adjusted to take into account the UHI effect, like the monthly ones are? The fact we have been getting such a dominant concentration of 10c+ CET years since around the end of the 1980s could be partially explained by that. I've no doubt that in that time it generally has gotten warmer. But for example it can't be explained by milder Winters alone. Just take the 1920s and 1930s for example. Winters were generally mild in those two decades yet only 1921, 1934 and 1938 were 10c+. I can only imagine a series of cooler Spring's, Summer's and Autumn's must have kept many of the annual CET's down during those years?
  7. Walsall Wood Snow

    January 2019 C.E.T. forecast and EWP contests

    Funnily enough November 1828 also had a CET of 7.4c and as I pointed out in the December CET thread, both November and December 1827 both had a CET of 6.9c. So there's an interesting little quirk that both Nov and Dec 1827 ended up with the same CET, as well as Nov and Dec 1828. The only other times that has happened were 1675 both at 4.5c, 1687 both at 6.0c, 1702 both at 4.4c and 1905 both at 4.9c. There were a fair few other years though where the difference in the two months was as little as 0.1c.
  8. What's clear though is that year's above 10c in the CET record were fairly rare until around the end of the 1980s, after which they have become the norm, especially since the mid 1990s, with 19 of the 25 years from 1994 to 2018 having an annual CET above 10c. Our last one below to date was 2013 and our last one below 9c to date was 2010. Before then you have to go all the way back to 1986 for one before then, prior to which they were more common with 6 years below 9c in the 25 years from 1962 to 1986 and only 3 above 10c. So it's clear to see years on the whole in the CET region, are warmer than they used to be.
  9. I can only imagine it would have been the overall warmth of May, June and July (maybe December too) which brought the annual CET so high. Most of the other months seem normal enough, with the exceptions of February and March which were actually quite cold. Just goes to show though that even exceptionally warm years are capable of containing exceptional cold spells, but if it were not for that cold period in late February/early March the annual CET would no doubt have ended up higher.
  10. At 6.9c December 2018 shares the same mean monthly CET with December's: 1953, 1918, 1833 and 1827 (both November and December recorded a CET of 6.9 that year).
  11. Unfortunately though it doesn't mean that. Although I'm at least partially optimistic that it might be a good one, simply based on the fact that last Summer was a good one and there are plenty of analogues of good Summer's coming in pairs. Not always mind, but it's a small straw to clutch at for now. Getting back to this current Winter, I was kind of hopeful, been as last Winter was quite productive for cold and snowy spells and been as we're fast approaching solar minimum I thought this Winter might pick up where last one dropped off. It still might mind and it's worth reminding ourselves that the period most conducive for cold and snow in this part of the world is still actually before us, despite it been Winter for just over 4 weeks. If it is to come around mid January, then so be it. I doubt any of us would complain by the time as long as it happened and been as we've got over another 2 months until the point when it'll be a year since last Winters last cold spell, in that context at least we should really afford to be patient. Anyway from what I can gather based on the mood of the MOD thread, things are looking slightly better than the last couple of days. Baby steps and all that. Hopefully anyway.
  12. I prefer a mixture of the two definitions, with more emphasis on the two main seasons. Spring: 21st March to 31st May Summer: 1st June to 22nd September Autumn: 23rd September to 30th November Winter: 1st December to 20th March Why not eh, at least by my definition, we're only roughly a quarter of the way through Winter, rather than a third
  13. Hope the models cheer us up soon, after all we've got until April at least for snow to fall . Anyway, we've got to have faith that into the New Year our fortunes improve. I myself still hold hope based on the fact we had a Winter last year which was quite productive for cold and snow and been as a lot of Winters with cold and snowy spells come in clusters, this is still one reason to be optimistic, along with the fact we're heading into solar minimum gives me hope that the weeks and months ahead could turn up a memorable period, not forgetting the historical period which is most conducive to cold and snow in this tiny corner of the world is still before us. Anyway on another note tonight must obviously be reasonably cold, or at least ground frost temperature territory here at least, as when out tonight I noticed ice on car roofs. That's at least a touch of a wintry element to the festive weather for now and as far as the weather on Christmas Eve night goes, we've had worse. Anyway Merry Christmas to you all
  14. I do actually remember there was this one day in Jan 2011, when it snowed, but didn't know it was the 7th, so I guess it would have been a white Christmas by the old calendar. It only gave a thin slushy covering though, unlike on the modern 25th Dec when we had proper deep and crisp snow on the ground with sub zero temperatures and sunshine. Magical Christmas Day that was. Had it been the other way, it would no doubt have felt quite novel still to have snow on Christmas, but it would have paled to what we actually got that year. Still a shame it ended before December was even over though, with the best of Winter behind us that season. It was actually quite peculiar really from a historical perspective, for Winter to come in as hard as it did so early that year, only for it to fizzle out before the turn of the New Year.