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  1. Walsall Wood Snow

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    I think I remember last year you saying something to the effect, that an above average June is often a precursor to an average to below average December. June last year had a CET of 16.0 c and December was 4.8 c. So that seemed to work out. Based on June this year been 0.1 c warmer, would you fancy there been a fair chance that December this year could also be average to below temperature wise?
  2. At 16.1 c June 2018 shares the same mean CET as June's 2003, 1960, 1804, 1786, 1785 and 1772.
  3. Walsall Wood Snow

    Frogs and amphibia 2018

    For a couple of weeks I thought all my tadpoles had died, as there was originally quite allot, but then I stopped seeing them. Over the last week or so though a few individuals have been hanging at the surface. They're all big and healthy looking as well, with their back legs now budding. Usually there's quite a few small and underdeveloped tadpoles as well, but this year they all seem universally advanced. There's plenty of newts as well which have also been breeding as you can see their eggs tucked into vegetation. I wonder if the newts have taken a lot of the smaller tadpoles and those that are left are those which have grown too big for them? I've heard newts can eat frog tadpoles, but to be fair I've always had both and they seem to be able to co inhabit quite well. I imagine both been native species with similar needs, sharing the same space is something the two can cope with, unlike say keeping goldfish with them which can and often do, eliminate any tadpoles in their environment. Although again people have managed to keep both in some circumstances. This isn't in my garden pond but I've noticed a couple of spots near here where toad tadpoles seem to be doing quite well. The other week in the canal I saw loads of them swimming in there, and also in a big pond in a nearby nature reserve. You can distinguish toad tadpoles from those of frogs, as they are black in colour, whereas frog tadpoles can be anything from a dark brown to almost yellow, with faint body markings and often tiny golden spots. Toad tadpoles also tend to form shoals whereas those of frogs don't. I also believe toad tadpoles are quite well suited to canals as fish tend to leave them alone, as they're apparently unpleasant tasting, frogs on the other hand tend to choose smaller and shallower bodies of water to breed in (which is why they're common in garden ponds) as such bodies in nature are unlikely to contain any big and permanent predators.
  4. It should also be noted that both May's 2017 and 2018 are the only two May's in the CET record to have a mean of 13.2 c. So quite remarkable that they were both in immediate succession.
  5. The hadobs CET page, which lists every month since January 1659 is showing 13.2 c for May 2018 though for some reason? Maybe they're yet to put the correct figure on there and have settled for the figure they've added only temporarily?
  6. Walsall Wood Snow

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Wow, I can hear the house shaking.
  7. Walsall Wood Snow

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    All the streets electricity shut off for a moment a few minutes ago. It's back on now though.
  8. Walsall Wood Snow

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Just had a good flash and loud thunder clap here. It's getting much darker too.
  9. Walsall Wood Snow

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    I can hear the constant rumbling in the distance here too. Last night was epic though, with plenty of flashes and crackles, close by. If you think about it, the last 3 months or so has been great for weather events. From the beast from the east in early March to the gloriously sunny and cloudless skies we've enjoyed for much of May and now some thunder thrown in for good measure. 2018 has certainly been quite an interesting year weather wise thus far.
  10. Walsall Wood Snow

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    What I've liked about the last couple of days is the fact its been gloriously sunny, with no clouds or haze at all. Proper late Spring/ Summer like weather. Can't say I remember any snow round here in May 97. Although I remember how glorious the weather was on polling day 97, funnily enough as I remember going with my Mum after school for her to vote. We went on a school trip to Tamworth castle that day for history class and I still remember it as a warm sunny day. I've no recollection of the weather turning a lot colder shortly after though, which it must have done if there are snow records in the region soon after.
  11. At 9.8c April 2018 shares the same CET as April's 1914, 1874, 1844 and 1775.
  12. A lot of people seem to have false memories of the weather being like that during their childhoods though, for some reason, with very distinct and contrasting seasons. I remember a few years back reading the book 'Cider with Rosie' by Laurie Lee, which was his childhood autobiography, growing up in the 1920s in the Cotswolds I believe. In there is a chapter describing the seasons during that period and he was trying to convey how back then the Winters were always very cold and snowy, whereas the Summers were always very dry, hot and sunny and how at the time of writing the book (in the late 50s) how the seasons just no longer stood up to how they were back then. I'm not sure about the Summers, but I was under the impression from the records that most Winters during the 1920s weren't particularly cold or snowy (although the Bonacina table ranks a few 1920s Winters down as snowy so I'm not so sure, although many are ranked little also) . One Christmas is described as snowy, when apparently according to the account a local man was unfortunately murdered in the snow. Judging by the Bonacina table this could have occurred during Christmas 1927, when apparently there was a blizzard in southern England on Christmas and Boxing Day. Although I do think he was trying to make out that Christmas was always snowy when he was growing up, which it wouldn't have been. It's a common habit for people though to trick themselves into believing that the weather conditions in one or two seasons in their distant past was the norm rather than the few and far between events they really were. I think when we grow up though (in the UK at least) we tend to notice how the seasons aren't so generally textbook most of the time and we therefore tend to start thinking that the seasons are more benign than back then, when in fact generally they're pretty similar (though there have been periods for a limited time when either cold Winters or hot Summers have been more prevalent than the norm for relatively brief periods), but many have simply forgotten or failed to notice.
  13. I too think July and especially August define how we perceive the Summer. Maybe it's because as kids it was when we would be off school for the holidays so back then that's when we felt it was truly Summer. It's certainly how I felt back then anyway.
  14. Yes it will certainly be remembered as a good March for snow along with 2013. Though that month had a much lower CET of 2.7c. But unlike then the snow came much earlier in the month this year and affected more of southern England than then as well from what I can gather. One things for sure though both those months have proved beyond doubt that even though March is technically the first month of meteorological Spring, you can still get very cold and snowy weather that late, even these days.
  15. What makes you think that based on 1962? That Summer was followed by the coldest Winter in over 200 years. 2007 was followed by a mild Winter, but on the other hand 2012, which was similar wasn't. Not that I think that we will have much clue about how next Winter might play out until late Autumn at least and at this point it's anybody's guess. The same applies to the coming Summer aswell, which could turn out any which way yet as far as I'm concerned. I would prefer a warm sunny one though as you can make more use out of it then, plus they look better than grey and rainy ones. But I don't tend to mind too much really how Summer turns out compared to Winter I have to say. Plus the fact all types of Summers have preceded all types of Winters, so I don't tend to believe that one type would necessarily lead to a certain type of Winter anyway.