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  1. Walsall Wood Snow

    How would you assess Summer 2017?

    The only things I can recall about that Summer, was the hot and sunny spell we had in June, which was quite a good one actually, but unfortunately short lived. It's funny though that our expectations for Summer are greater than those for Winter in this country, been as a very cold and snowy spell at least once is all it usually takes to rate a Winter highly, yet the equivalent of one hot and sunny spell in Summer does not a Summer make, for some reason. The other thing I remember is the fact we had no thunderstorms at all throughout the whole of 2017 with the exception of one or two distant rumbles. At least in 2018 we had a night then following day with some good thunder at the end of May, though that was still very poor by the standards of some of the years back in the 90s.
  2. Walsall Wood Snow

    Winter 2018/19

    I completely agree with you concerning the fact that there's always charts in the far reaches of FI showing some potential every year. What I've always found though is often (if it is to actually happen) is any cold usually ends up occurring sometime later than when the models initially advertised, often dropping the idea only for it to reappear at shorter notice and even then can be delayed a bit. That's my perception anyway. I've decided just to go with the flow this year and be patient about it. Besides it's only early November so shouldn't expect much for a while yet anyway really. Although we've been fortunate enough to see some snowfall already here a week last Saturday when it was still October and have seen snow in November before now in years gone by, but such events were very much the exception as opposed to the norm. Mid to late December is really the time to look out for but even then would be pretty early for this part of the world and even if it weren't to happen then there's still loads more time for it to happen still.
  3. Walsall Wood Snow

    Winter 2018/19

    I remember earlier this decade ' Weather History' pointing out that we were fortunate enough to experience a significantly below average month in the months of November (2010), December (2010), January (also 2010, earlier in the year) and even March (2013). Yet February had failed to join the club in this regard, though February's 2010 and now even 2018 were fairly below average, though not to an exceptional degree, with the last time that was achieved was all the way back in 1991. Therefore we're long overdue a very cold February the most. Who knows it could be 2019. Though obviously been the final month of meteorological Winter it's always going to be the longest beforehand to wait for, but when it's here it's here so wouldn't matter so much if it was to be come the time. Obviously my ideal Winter would be one where all 3 months are well below average with constant snow cover from 1st December to 28th/29th February, though not even any of the best of the best such as 1946/47, 1962/63 or 1978/79 managed to achieve that.
  4. Walsall Wood Snow

    Winter 2018/19

    Great post as it's worth reminding ourselves that many of the Winters of the past which contained memorable cold spells also had mild spells within them too. Just look at Winter's 85/86 and 86/87 for example. Both had quite mild December's, but both were followed by major cold spells the other side of the New Year. On the flip side Winter's 81/82 and even more recently 10/11 were very cold early on but come February were much milder. As you rightly point out most of our cold Winters are characterized by spells of cold rather than many weeks or even months of it. I also agree about sea ice as well as it can only be a good thing for the PV to help it longer term.
  5. Walsall Wood Snow

    Met office report

    Just to illustrate the point I was making, I'd like to quote this article that was published in 'The Glasgow Herald' all the way back on the 8th December 1879. "Whatever be the reason we have sets of mild Winters and sets of cold ones. At times so many mild seasons come together that people begin to speculate about "change of climate" and to lament over the "degeneracy of modern Winters" only to be reminded soon by a year such as last that we are still in the neighbourhood of the Arctic circle. It is more than likely therefore that before gliding into the next mild "cycle" we may have two or three Winters of more than average intensity." The fact this was written nearly 140 years ago is incredible and really reminds you that even back then people were talking about the weather in much the same way as some posters on this forum do now.
  6. Walsall Wood Snow

    Met office report

    This is very true. I've seen contemporary documentaries about the Winter of 1962/63 for example and even then it was presented as a chaotic event that infrastructure was struggling to cope with. Truth is with the exception of more upland areas snow has always been a bit rare in the UK. It's not as if this country has ever really been famous for cold and snowy Winters and if anything it's always been better known for the opposite of relatively mild and often wet ones. Sure there have been times in the past when snow has been more frequent, often in the form of clusters that have waxed and waned (the last such was the period in the years from 2008-13 and at this stage for all we know last Winter might have marked the beginning of a new one). But as you say we have always been unprepared for it simply because unlike some parts of the world we can't guarantee much of it every single Winter that comes. Also even in the rarer Winters we do get a lot they are more often characterized by individual spells rather than many weeks or even months of sub zero temperatures and constant snow cover, which is what made that rather small bunch of more famous Winters in the 20th century even more incredible.
  7. Walsall Wood Snow

    Winter 2018/19

    I personally doubt that year was really significant at all and the fact it was followed by a milder Winter was simply the law of averages playing out. After all there was a pretty big cluster (some much more so than others) of cold and snowy Winters preceding it and by that time it could be argued that simply at least one was long overdue. People often forget that with the exception of the last year's of the decade as well as the very start the 1970s was a decade full of mild Winters in the UK with little snow either. Also prior to the 1940s cold and snowy Winters during the 20th century were a lot rarer than then onwards. It should also be noted that taking the 1980s alone there were some significantly mild Winters or at least Winter periods in much of the 'cold and snowy' zones of North America much earlier than 1987. I believe the early Winters of 1982 and 1984 especially saw a couple of very mild December's in that part of the world. So it's unlikely that there was this sudden switch that was pressed in 1987 that made what would otherwise would have been just another cold Winter into a mild one for us. Besides from that we had a Winter with very cold and snowy spells in 1990/91, which was only 4 years after the previous one of 1986/87, which is hardly that long in the grand scheme of things, along with the odd one now and then throughout the 90s ( none quite as severe as that one, particularly in the south, but hardly abnormal all the same).
  8. At 10.6c October 2018 shares the same mean monthly CET with October's: 1998, 1976, 1972, 1947, 1943, 1934, 1916, 1910, 1834, 1806, 1781 and 1752.
  9. I take it you've still got faith that things will improve in a months time, with your main period of interest occurring late December still?
  10. I believe there would have been frost last night here listening to people at work mention it. I didn't get up early enough to see it though. Tonight however walking back from work between 8:30 and 9pm there was definitely frost formed on the grass and on car roofs, plus the sting in my cheeks you only get when it's truly cold. Not sure what the temp was though as I've no means of measuring it.
  11. Walsall Wood Snow

    Winter 2018/19

    I remember through much of the 00s wondering whether we'd ever see a Winter with very cold and snowy spells again. There was also the likes of Ian Brown posting on here during that decade trying to convince us all that such Winters were a thing of the past as well. Luckily the Winters of 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2012/13 and even 2017/18 in particular removed this doubt.
  12. You can even see a bit of white in the Scottish Highlands now, without having to zoom in even.
  13. Walsall Wood Snow

    The changing daylight hours thread

    I think it's just fine the way it is personally and as the old adage goes ' if it ain't broke don't fix it'. It can't be argued that GMT is the real time though as noon and midnight actually coincide with 12pm and 12am respectively then, rather than 1pm and 1am. Although I'm sure many might still refer to those terms at 12 and 12 even when we use BST, which of course would be incorrect. I know some people argue for BST all year round but if I was to choose between one or the other I'd rather choose GMT for the whole year. If people find it a problem we could just have all our daily activities arranged an hour earlier than we usually would. After all that's all we effectively force ourselves to do when we switch to BST anyway, it's just we all collectively pretend it's an hour later than it actually is, is all, so what's the difference. It's not as though we actually change the speed of the speed of the Earth's actual rotation. It must be stressed again that BST is the pretend time here as well. As I said at the beginning of my post though I'm fine really with the way we currently arrange it. Although I do sometimes wonder why our use of GMT and BST aren't equal. Maybe it would be fairer to adopt GMT in late September or alternatively hold off from switching to BST until late April. Another idea would be to use BST from the 1st March to the 31st August (Spring/Summer) and GMT from the 1st September to the 28th/29th February (Autumn/Winter). That way we would have an equal 6 months of each rather than the 7 months of BST and only 5 of GMT we currently use.
  14. Thought you built a snowman for a brief moment then when I first glimpsed that first photo . Not often you see pumpkins in the snow. Kind of reminds me of the film ' The Nightmare before Christmas' when Jack Skellington accidentally discovers Christmas Town .
  15. I'm from just north of Birmingham. Yes there was quite a heavy snow shower here earlier around 10pm. It didn't settle but was great to see snowfall this early in the 'extended Winter season'. I'm hoping it's a sign for better yet further down the line. After all the last times either here or elsewhere had snow in October to my knowledge was in 2008 and 2012 and both were followed by Winters with good snow events. The north east looks as though it did very well today though with actual lying snow as well. Go and check out the 'North East and far north of England thread', there's some great photos been posted from members there .