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  1. At 10.0c, October 2019 shares the same mean CET with October's: 1659 1660 1663 1668 1669 1670 1702 1709 1722 1753 Obviously pre 1699 as well as a lot of pre 1723 can't be relied on for accuracy been as many of those months were rounded to the nearest .0 or .5
  2. On the other hand November 1985 was very cold with some early snow I believe, which led on to a pretty mild December only to get cold again at the end and eventually led to the coldest February since 1947. Just saying. Not that I know much about why mind.
  3. Winter 2001/02 has always stood out for me in this regard. It snowed here on the evening of the 29th December giving a fairly good covering and it stuck around right up till the 2nd January I believe, and although there was slight thawing during the daytimes due to the time of year it was minimal at best and the following nights brought freezing fog and hoar frost causing the canal round here to freeze solid enough to walk on. Very similar to the event the year before in late December 2000, although slightly less snow in 2001 and was a couple of days later than that year. Though I think it's fair to say Winter 2000/01 was on average a colder Winter than 2001/02 which was quite mild overall with the exception of around the festive period. I've also learned since that that snowy spell we had in late Dec 01 was actually fairly localised unlike the late Dec 00 event which effected much more of the country. What was interesting about this event in 01 also was the fact it actually briefly snowed on Christmas Day giving my first example of anything that could be termed a white Christmas by any standard. Just a few grains really but it remained cold enough then for these to remain unthawed up to the evening of the 29th when we got the proper dumping. Also of course it still remains to date the only time I recall seeing snow on the ground on New Years Eve and Day.
  4. Glad there's a little more positivity coming back into this thread tonight. With regards to my post earlier, it was just a little tongue in cheek really as I just get a little fed up sometimes of hearing too much pessimism, especially this early on. I really like looking forward to Winter in Autumn and even if it doesn't deliver in the end it's easier if the disappointment is delayed until well into Winter rather than thinking our hopes are already dashed long before it's even started. That's the problem though these days with the internet and long range forecasts available to us all long in advance. It just kills off any hope and wonder (unless it's telling us what we want to hear, not that it even always works out then, such as last year) and at this time of year I like to dream that the potential is there even if not finally realised in the end. It's a bit like following your favourite football team and been constantly told that they're going to get thrashed before every match. Just better to see how the game plays out first before making sweeping judgements. Depends who they're up against I suppose as well as their recent performance. Maybe not the best analogy I know but just an example. Anyway nice to finally see a bit more balance back in here as well as some caution given by some of the more experienced members in regards to putting too much faith into the long range models whatever they might show for now.
  5. I'll put it like this. If even the seasonal models are correct (which they may not be) will it even matter if say next Winter is the coldest Winter in 1000 years. Not saying for a moment it will be, but if such circumstances did actually occur in 14 to 16 months time who would care that the Winter to come wasn't cold at all. In fact even if it was very cold and snowy and the following Winter wasn't whatsoever come the time we still wouldn't be satisfied despite that. I sometimes think it's not worth caring too much about been as one Winter could be very different to the next anyway. Even if we had a decade worth of very cold and snowy Winters in solid succession we know full well with our position and tiny speck of land on the globe we'd have to expect a mild and almost snowless Winter sooner rather than later at some point anyway. The only way we could avoid that is the coming of the next ice age which would either bring mass migration or mass extinction anyway. So in other words either except our climate for what it is, a cool at best maritime climate with the Atlantic been the dominant factor as it has been since the last ice age ended with at best temporary deviations from that climatic norm such as the MWP or the LIA or move to somewhere more conducive to your climatic preference if you can. In the mean time we're just going to have to put up with crap Winters and crap Summers popping up quite regularly I'm afraid. We just happen to live on the wrong spot of the planet at the wrong time to hope for more than the occasional classic major seasonal variability unfortunately.
  6. The thing I don't look forward to about Winter is more the run up to it, such as now when on this forum you already have some members on here declaring it's over long before it's even begun. I get that it's only their personal opinion and that they could actually end up being right, but come on it's only been October for a week with the bulk of the month and then the whole of November to get through before even meteorological Winter begins, never mind astronomical Winter. It could be argued that some may have vague ideas on how it might start but who's willing to stake claim on how it will end. After all I don't think anybody could confidently predict what we should expect weather wise in late January, February or even the start of March for example. There's a tendency I think to forget also that with the exception of the very rare more famous Winters like your 1963's or 1979's that most Winters that we look back on as cold snowy ones were more often than not only a week or two affairs of classic Winter fayre with the rest of the season been much less memorable and sometimes even consisting of periods where the opposite type of weather (quite mild) had its time also. So been as the weather can often change at the drop of a hat and that we're talking of a 3 to nearly 4 month period that doesn't even begin for nearly another 2 months and could be argued doesn't end until closer to 6 months that there's no reason really to feel despondent about our prospects for seeing whatever we'd like at this stage. And if we don't better to save our disappointment until the time rather than declaring it over long before it's even begun.
  7. We actually had a bit of snowfall here in October last year. Didn't settle though and was quite brief from what I remember. Nothing after that until a couple of times in January, with the only settling snow then occurring on the afternoon/evening of the 22nd, but was only a thin covering and was all but gone on the 24th. I remember the dates as we moved house on the 23rd, on which the snow stuck around for the day. So it was nice to have a bit of snow cover around for the transition from the old house to the new, even if there wasn't loads of it. We missed out on the heavy snows which briefly affected the south of the country just over a week later though unfortunately. Hope we get something good this coming Winter though but as always only time will tell.
  8. At 14.3c, September 2019 shares the same mean CET with September's: 1775 1828 1868 1956 1973 2003
  9. Did this happen while you were still living in Brum? I recall in another thread last year during the beast from the east episode, you mentioning you used to live round there. Interesting if so as I can imagine we perhaps had similar conditions round here also (although not sure if we would have come back home from our family visit to NI by this point) I have long been under the impression there were no decent dumpings of snow round these parts between Jan 87 and Dec 90. Then again this was just the gap between major cold spells and I shouldn't be surprised to learn there was maybe the odd short lived cold snap between these events that produced a short lived snowy spell or two. Thanks for sharing .
  10. Although I don't actually remember that Christmas (only been 2 at the time) I've seen a few family photographs from that Christmas, and even though they were taken indoors there is a window in the background in a couple of them and it looks as though the light coming through it is pretty dull, so it looks as though it would have been overcast. Bearing in mind these were taken in Belfast, Northern Ireland as we were over there that Christmas visiting my Dad's side of the family. Maybe it was sunny here in England that day but not so much there, I don't know. Also obviously been photos they're just a momentary snapshot of time so may not be reflective of how sunny or not the day was on the whole.
  11. All this talk of never again. I remember for most of the 00s there been that type of talk and then along came the run of Winters we're discussing. Then of course there been the case of the late Feb/March major cold spells of just last year. I bet you thought that was never going to happen before it did either. We're still going to have the odd major cold spell visit our shores from time to time I'm sure even if less frequent. And for all we know they could increase in frequency due to a quiet sun or something like that. The truth is though that our Winters have always been mild overall really. This is just a fact of our position off the western edge of a major continentental landmass. It's just that many on this forum remember the period ranging back to the 40s even up into the 80s when cold spells in Winter did tend to be more frequent though by no means always and much of the 70s was devoid it seems. But if you look into the Winters of the 1910s 20s and 30s, they seem to have been mostly mild overall. As I say some sort of climatic driver could cause Winter cold spells on these shores to increase, such as sun cycle, PDO cycle, ice melt, who knows really.
  12. There is often a tendency to feel as though our most recent example or examples of a particular season has become the norm for all time. A bit like how the example of Winter 2013/14 was brought up as an example at the time of how some contemporary opinions, tried to suggest that was the new normal. On the other hand I remember hearing some opine during the 2008 to 13 period that we could expect Winters like those to become the new normal, until 2014 came along. I take comfort in the fact that Winter 2009/10 on the whole was the coldest since 1978/79. December 2010 was the coldest since 1890, as well as been the second coldest in the entire CET record after that one. And not forgetting that March 2013 was also the coldest since 1892. To have achieved all that in the space of just over 3 years is quite something that I think we fail to appreciate sometimes. But to answer your question I'd say it's more likely than not at some point I guess.
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