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  1. At 10.1c May 2021 shares the same mean CET with May's: 1772 1850 1951 1987
  2. At 6.4c April 2021 shares the same mean CET with April's: 1699 1700 1740 1772 1839 1849 1903 1941
  3. Wow. Just looked outside and there's a dusting of snow on grass cars and rooftops, like here on my conservatory roof.
  4. Great snowfall earlier this morning. Was at work at the time but it came down really heavy with huge 50p sized flakes at one point. Which was crazy to see so far into April. It didn't settle though which was a bit disappointing. It could well have done had it been dark I think. There was a very slight settling early this morning though which amounted to the odd small patch of accumulated snow on the grass and rooftops but it was much lighter snow then so was struggling really and was obviously too warm by the time the proper stuff hit. Can't be too disappointed though considering the time of
  5. Big beefy shower just passed through. Even settled very very slightly.
  6. Massive heavy snow falling here blowing in the wind. Won't really settle though, but quite a novelty for the month of April still.
  7. At 7.2c March 2021 shares the same mean CET with March's: 1831 1893 1912 1920 2005 2007
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