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  1. At 14.2c, June 2019 shares the same mean CET with June's: 1701 1738 1750 (interestingly the third month of this year so far to share the same mean figure with a particular month that year, the other two being January and February) 1780 1807 1827 1873 1875 1939 1998
  2. Wow. I bet it's pretty rare for anywhere in Scotland to take that record at anytime of year, especially in the Summer months.
  3. True, but if we had netweather back then, with access to the models like we do now I'm sure there would have been plenty of indicators that something big was brewing by late December 86 anyway. The thing is now days we have all this information at our disposal, that allows us to at least with some degree of confidence ascertain the likelihood of x or y pattern taking hold or continuing for the next week or two. Not that this always works of course, as we all know what is refered to as FI is often unreliable at best, but at least gives us an idea of the likely Synoptics over a broad area for an extended period. Back then all people had were tv and radio forecasts for the next 3 or 4 days at best, meaning the weather in exactly a weeks time was for the most part a complete mystery. There was probably something quite comforting in that, rather than the stress we have nowadays looking at charts for 10 days time or more with hoped for pattern changes constantly been put back, watered down or just been completely wrong. Still it keeps the MOD thread lively at least even if it can often be a psychological nightmare at times .
  4. Good point. We had a couple of record breaking hot days in Summer 2015 if I remember rightly, (wasn't this when Heathrow was supposed to have recorded its highest ever temp) but few would class that as a brilliant Summer overall. I'd still rather have a couple of really hot days in a overall poor Summer than none whatsoever though if I'm honest. Not that we can make a full analysis until the end of August. Maybe then will deliver the goods this year. I understand the frustration though as say in the final days in December if we haven't had much in the way of cold and snowy weather by then, with little of it seeming likely any time soon, most of us Winter coldies start to lose our optimism, even if some of us like to pretend we don't .
  5. I'm also of the opinion that thunder days have decreased a lot this decade. I haven't even heard a rumble here this year thus far. Last year we had a fantastic one at the end of May but that was it I think. 2017 was practically thunderless though with only a couple of distant rumbles heard all year. I think pretty much every year this decade has only managed about one thunderstorm a year at best though. obviously Terminal Morraine's graph illustrates a greater frequency of thunderstorms in previous decades going back to the 60s at least. I would doubt this is totally unprecedented though. I wonder what the frequency of storms in some earlier decades such as the early 20th century was like, for example. I don't suppose many really know. Could be something that happens for so many years every 70 to 100 years perhaps. Or as Beng speculates it could be a consequence of the phases of the AMO, the solar cycle or any other combinations of phenomena. If it is any of those things causing it though it likely won't last forever, and maybe we'll hopefully notice an increase over time. It can't get much poorer though that's for sure.
  6. One way of explaining it I think is the idea that there are only two seasons really in the astronomical sense (Summer and Winter), with the other two merely regarded as the first halves of those seasons. In other words Spring and Autumn should be regarded as greater Summer and Winter astronomically if that makes sense. After all there's a reason the solstices were historically often referred to as mid Summer and Winter been halfway between the equinoxes, when these 'greater' seasons begin and end. In other words Spring and Autumn are just another sub division of the duality of the year. It's a bit like how we have day and night but they can further be divided into morning, afternoon, evening and so forth. It's just that for some reason the first halves of the 'greater' seasons have their own unique titles to distinguish them from the second halves which we just refer to by the titles that could apply to the whole. That's my take on it anyway.
  7. True. Although in the case of 87 onwards (although this might be a stretch) a tendency for warmer seasons could have begun then that wasn't realised in the Summer months until 89 (as was Summer 90, so there's another pair) So maybe it sort of works both ways?
  8. I don't know about that but although it probably has little bearing I like to think that it might improve our chances of getting a colder Winter in 6 months or so. Although of course there are a few examples of hot Summers been followed by cold Winters I think the bulk of them tend to follow less good Summers, such was the case generally in the 60s the mid 80s and a more recent example been 2012. Although like anything else where the weather is concerned far from always, such as 2007 (although a theme of colder and snowier Winters did start around 18 months later, so there still could have been a conection there but obviously a bit later).
  9. Yes it seems it's not just the UK and Ireland that's having a cool and wet start to Summer but western North America also. Have heard the Pacific Northwest of the US is having a bad start to Summer also and as you're witness to yourself western Canada. Obviously a theme across the northern hemisphere in general.
  10. Although I'm not disheartened (I'm finding it quite interesting really), as early as last year I half expected this Summer to be much more like last year rather than the opposite it has been so far. This was based on the idea (which was promoted by a few on here) that good Summer's have a tendency if not a certainty to come in pairs. We've still got the end of June and all of July and August for that to be realised, but I'm far less optimistic of that been the case now.
  11. Although there is still plenty of time for improvement of course with the majority of the month (just about) still to go, this June is starting to feel like an early Summer equivalent of December 2015 in terms of how unseasonable it feels. Although personally I don't find it anywhere near as frustrating as I found that month and think it's quite fascinating really. Not sure I would like it to be the overall theme of this Summer, although I think it would be amazing to see this month at least continue in the same vein.
  12. Yes that's right although I think you mean 28 years. The most recent June which was cooler than 1991 was 11.8c in 1972. I should add by a brief look at the records 1972 is the joint second coolest June on record alongside 1909 and 1916. 1675 recorded a CET of 11.5 so that couldn't have been any higher than 11.7c to be rounded to that, so no doubt that was the actual coolest.
  13. At 11.1c May 2019 shares the same mean CET with May's: 1734 1836 1903 1942 1958 1986
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