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  1. Light snow -light covering. If this year had been a leap year, would the cold spell last a day longer?
  2. Re- Meto forecasts. I've been on their site a few times today (but not every time)& there's been a message saying 'difficult to input data try later' . Maybe they're having technical problems.
  3. Poor Tomas. BBC News cut off half way through to leave him standing 'exposed "
  4. Any ideas how cold night temps may be with or without snow cover during the course of the cold spell? Got small orange, lemon & kumquat bushes in the greenhouse but no heating. Will it get as cold as 2010?
  5. Purely out of curiosity. If this SSW were to occur at other times of the year eg may, August or October, what would the weather outcomes be then. Thanks.
  6. Went out for a walk & as soon as it was starting to stick it turned to sleet then rain then stopped
  7. On yesterday evenings Midlands forecast I thought Shefali had said 2 to 5 cm over 100m
  8. Some wet flakes mixed in here. Temp. dropped by a degree or so in the last hour
  9. Not posted for a few years....so hi all, again....haily, sleety , snowy showers off and on most of the earlier covering gone. Hope it picks up again later.
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