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  1. 3 minutes ago, MattStoke said:

    My work is on Old Shelton Road, not very far from Hanley. Not actually sure what name this bit of Stoke comes under.

    Wonder what it's like back home in Longton.

    So you're not far from the Queensway? Maybe the pollution or the slight height advantage here in Hartshill (142 metres where I am). I used to work at Staffs Uni & set off here with a covering for there to be next to nothing there.

  2. 3 minutes ago, MattStoke said:

    Good news from the first of the afternoon 12zs. The ICON pushes Thursday's snow risk a bit further north.

    Meanwhile, the snow continues to pour down here and............ everything is soaking wet.

    If you're in Hanley I suppose it's the city centre affect. In the suburbs it's sticking albeit slushy.

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