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  1. In this part of Stoke snow had stuck on cars, rooves & gardens at 5.30 this morning. All gone now bit of sleet in the rain
  2. 17.6C from Keele weather station at 3pm.......never seen this before in my lifetime (58)
  3. a sleet symbol has appeared on the Met Office app for Stoke on Sunday
  4. a bit of sleety stuff hitting the window in the stronger gusts
  5. it started to settle but when the intensity slacked off it melted straight away
  6. perked up a bit. some of the slushy stuff has thawed,
  7. So you're not far from the Queensway? Maybe the pollution or the slight height advantage here in Hartshill (142 metres where I am). I used to work at Staffs Uni & set off here with a covering for there to be next to nothing there.
  8. If you're in Hanley I suppose it's the city centre affect. In the suburbs it's sticking albeit slushy.
  9. Although it's white outside now......it's a slushy white........it'll be bad underfoot when it freezes
  10. More snowy by the hospital in Stoke. By the way it's 0.5 degrees colder at the top of the Avenue than down on the A34
  11. after 10 or 15 mins of haily stuff at last it's snowing
  12. not getting snow in this part of Stoke (by the hospital ) mainly rain with a few sleety flakes thrown in
  13. turning more snowy again in this part of Stoke
  14. Light snow here last 15 min in sunny Stoke. we should put in for the next winter olympics
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