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  1. Picking up again here. Very fine flakes but lots of them! Feels much much colder than earlier too
  2. All but stopped in Rugby, we’ve had about 7-8cm. Are we expecting any more or is that our lot?
  3. Still coming down here, about 5cm. It’s been a very long time coming but it’s nice to have that crunch under foot at last, not sure how much more we will get
  4. Starting to settle for the first time this winter... nice to see 🙂
  5. I don’t know if it’s meant to get heavier but there is not a lot falling from the sky here...
  6. In the last few hours, we have gone from snow all morning and day, to completely dry, and now to broken patches of light snow to cloud to heavy snow to cloudy... I've learnt this winter not to look and believe any MetOffice forecast anymore. It's never been accurate.
  7. MetOffice going for 11 hours of snow here, somehow not getting my hopes up this time!
  8. And now it’s stopped 🙄, honestly don’t know why I psych myself up. Awful winter full of disappointment here.
  9. It’s been snowing here for over an hour but it’s doing nothing other than a sprinkle on cars and grass... another thoroughly disappointing spell...
  10. The shield is broken! It's snowing and settling ❤️
  11. It's been the same in Rugby too. We had one day where it snowed and literally left a cake dusting but that is literally it. Everything has missed us this winter.
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