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  1. After flirting with 0 Deg.C, the temperature here is now dropping. Now at -0.4 and dropped about 0.2 deg in the last hour. No precipitation, no thaw yet. Birds are having a real feast on the corn thrown out onto the ice covered snow. Sheet black ice on the lane with gradient outside, impossible for any vehicles to traverse.
  2. Some more ice rain glazing pics from s.coast of IOW. No precipitation here, hovering around freezing, DP below. No melting yet.
  3. Thanks, got a few more. Padlock, Leaves, Car headlight. Not wet, but totally hard glazed. Overhead power cables are coated also, but too high to take a picture. Got a south facing front door, so no issues to get outside thanks.
  4. The glaze of freezing rain on my north facing conservatory window. Photo taken a couple of minutes ago. Never seen anything like it!
  5. Evidence of freezing rain here on SW coast of the Island also. Althouogh currently mixed in with Grauple, plants have clear, frozen droplets on upper leaf surfaces.
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