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  1. The light drizzle has now turned to light snowflakes. Temp 2.1 Dew Point 2 and in the 1mph ENE breeze it's a chilly -2
  2. The temperature is now 2.1 DP of 1 with another 20mm of precipitation forecast.Wind has picked up and swung back to a NNW. Hounds were literally towed out for a tinkle. Typical salukis
  3. Its setting here in E4. On cars, grass and plants/ shrubs. Temp 2.6 DP 1 wind NNW feels like -2 Settled on the road too.
  4. Evening snowlovers! Temp 5.4 DP3 and with the NNW wind it's a feel like 1. A wintry mix of graupel, chunks of snow and sleet. We have had 5.3mm rain today and another 14mm of 'something' yet to arrive! Edit to add...wet snow now falling in the now northerly breeze that has picked up to 3mph.
  5. Road covered too. Despite a temperature of 3 degrees. No dewpoint as NetAtMo have yet to include.
  6. Hail. Now snow in such density its covered roofs and pavements.
  7. Afternoon all. It's my birthday on Wednesday and have been bought a rain gauge for my NetAtMo which I'm about to synch. I'd dearly love it's first outing to be filled chock-full of snow, and not of rain.....
  8. Morning! It started as rain, which became 'chunkier' according to my son, aged 26 Sleety rain with dollops of snow. And its now stopped. 4.1 degrees Celsius.
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