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  1. Hi dude! ill be driving on T4 and I will attempt to stream from ym Go Pro once i get it setup on Twitch, I will put a link up on the forums and try to keep an active thread going....its heard streaming with data coverage and with different staff this season its about getting the flow going again! Tom is out there at the moment who loves a good thread so it will be improved dramatically with him there!
  2. proper klever that!
  3. ItIsGee

    Tour 4

    Hi Everyone! just as the other threads are getting popular i thought our little T4 thread can get a bump!
  4. you clearly have better access to data or do you use any specific site? I like pivotal weather (not that i have a clue what i am looking at!)
  5. Good afternoon Neil! Manchester based here! Driver for the NW/WH Tours: Driving on: T4 7th June Canada tour 14th July
  6. As a driver/tech support / the odd forecasting opinion, I can put my 2p worth! Last year we opted to go for the unlimited data mobile phone contracts to use as tethering hotspots, which work well and allows everyone including myself to browse the net, look at radar data and when the signal is strong and we are not doing much, looking at whenever we need to on the laptop! At the peak of the chase on whatever day that is, you can be in the middle of a metro area in OKC or the depths of the wilderness in Montana, the signal does frequently disappear due to overloading of chasers trying to share that 1 bar of 3g or the shear size of a storm has locked off the 4g signals. sharing the data in the cars is a brilliant option for everyone especially on tedious 500 mile drives but when the time comes, all data is reserved for the chasing data and if needed, it will be limited to staff. the reason for this above, i spoke to EE about my plan and they changed my uk allowance to be available in the USA and Canada (proved helpful last year) it is limited to 15gb a month but thats a lot of data when browsing! Always worth asking your provider for an allowance just in case the usual wifi options are not available! boom! great thread! keep your additional items coming!
  7. “What do I take...” and that is a really useful thread this year" Thanks!! but very useful!
  8. i took a 300 i didnt use it much but hen i neede dit it was fab! totally up to you!
  9. In the past i have paid in instalments @Paul will be able to help!
  10. a few! id bring a spare hard drive if your the kind of person wo fills up memory cards! it will be the time of your life!
  11. maybe see you on changeover day for T4!
  12. Nick L the lovely guy himself has beaten me to it but stick to this forum as the days are individually listed. you will get pictures and any video that the team post! book now and avoid disappointment!
  13. even though i have pictures of you drying your smalls on the bonnet of the car?
  14. I have trouble drying my boxer shorts....any ideas?
  15. Good point however id did make a point that this is what i take!!! If i took a shewee i would have been ask a few more questions!!!
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