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  1. Tour 4 2018

    Mike! you will have myself and Tom to deal with......oh and Paul might be around!!!!
  2. Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    Hey up! I was going to say the same thing but Nick beat me to it! Arriving on the 29th May is a good shout! Great way to meet everyone and acclimatise to the Texas humidity and get some well deserved rest before chaos ensues! I will also be one of your drivers aiming to fly out on the BA193 from LHR with the Famous Tom Lynch!
  3. 2017 Storm chase

    fo those that missed it! T4 this year had some giggles! i left music off so you could get involved! https://t.co/urKvTKQFJr
  4. A little bit of T4 magic!

    Highlights from T4! sit back, enjoy! get beer and popcorn! https://t.co/urKvTKQFJr
  6. Thank you

    I have to echo what Tom has to say! Only one tour for me this year but T4 was a blast! Great guests and staff made the whole tour brilliant! thanks again
  7. Tour 4 Roll Call!

    not long now until the party tour kicks off! SO.....who is on T4!!!
  8. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 13 - Marginal Risk

    Nothing to brag about! its just a picture...! you obviously googled it!
  9. Tour 2

    Party for 1 at the Pilots bar for Dave!!!
  10. 2017 Storm Chase - 3 places remaining

    its ok! they will get their turn!
  11. 2017 Storm Chase - 3 places remaining

    He aint lying though is he Nick!!!
  12. Any Meet up plans?

    was hoping Birmingham that was a cheap but fun night
  13. Any Meet up plans?

    i hear that there are plans for a 2017 pre chase meet up? anyone any ideas?
  14. Storm Chase 2016 - Photo Competition Voting

    lightning and railway tracks? that was Mr Finney! i was stood next to him!
  15. 2016 Photo Competition

    And the winner is.....................?