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  1. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    Maybe see if you can come in the day before?
  2. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    Bit warm! all depends on the moisture, large gaps between air temp and dewpoint result in high storm bases and reduce any tornado chances. This doesn't mean % chance for tornadic storms as they can cool themselves down! (everyday is a schoolday when storm chasing!)
  3. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    Can we have a candle again....make it all romantic?
  4. Crashlanding

    Tour 2 2018

    For the sake of the teams, a slight upgrade would be nice for them! Looks like an early initiation of the storms in Western/ Central NM with some multicell storms firing before merging into a line. this is the early HRRR run so hopefully some upgrade later on. Gee
  5. Crashlanding

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase Day 9 - The DCVZ

    It is usually a case of turning on the GPS location but as they are streaming via a different platform this year, it might be less simple as checking a box. Nick doesn't get his head around it for Tour 2 then ill check it on T3 and see what i can do.
  6. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    This is all because he is getting old now and forgets every year that he has been chasing!! That's why he is excited!!! Only Kidding! Tom is a very experienced chaser and you will be in good hands!! OH YEAH!!! I'm Driving too on T3!!!! Looking forward to meeting you too Josh and of course the rest of the guests!
  7. Crashlanding

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase Day 2 - WY.NE/CO

    Burlington Inn!! Chinese for tea then? or Maccies? should be a good day to ease in the guests!
  8. Crashlanding

    StormChase 2018 - Chase Day 1 - KS

    good move, just shows how fluid the weather can be! always need to be ready to adjust from full speed to feet up! Go get em tiger!
  9. Crashlanding

    StormChase 2018 - Chase Day 1 - KS

    Especially when im driving!
  10. Crashlanding

    StormChase 2018 - Chase Day 1 - KS

    That will be me!
  11. Crashlanding

    StormChase 2018 - Chase Day 1 - KS

    Good luck Guys! its a perfect way of getting some chase virgins into the habbit of gas station junk food and pinging off miles! Rockstar and Skittles = Chaser Fuel!
  12. Crashlanding

    2018 Q&A For Tornado Season

    There is a Bus station on the ground floor of DFW, you should call the hotel and give them your reservation name/number. once its confirmed your booked in they will send a bus for you. failing that, I am not sure how much a cab will be but its not a far trip.....about 15 mins?
  13. Crashlanding

    Tour 1 2018

    Check out the Shear!!!
  14. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    Its a bizarre situation as this crops up every year! i am lead to believe that if you dont check in at Dublin, you will not be able to board at LHR but definitely worth an ask. maybe call customer services and they may give you the same price? another reason, i think they try to subsidize flights through BA's biggest hub at T5 LHR so going Via there makes you spend money at T5! what flight are you on from LHR? Myself and Tom are on the BA0193 on May 29th...
  15. Crashlanding

    Tour 4 2018

    added on FB and also added to Storm [email protected]!! secret storm group!