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  1. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 2019

    Should be an interesteing tour with Nick Squared! Animal hunting tour~!
  2. Crashlanding

    Tour 4

    Hey Gang! not long now! Who are heading out for Tour 4? Ill be flying from Manchester to LHR on 7th June, and on the BA flight to Denver....anyone fancy meeting up for responsible drinks?
  3. Crashlanding

    T4 Flights 2019

    Anyone booked yet?
  4. We know its NOWT! Or drive through a Tornado warned storm in Canada with no data! tempted! just need to see where and when! Gee
  5. we are often asked by chase virgins, how close do we get to the storms? We make each and every decision based on facts that we have in front of us from radar scans, forecasts, surface obs and general common sense. We are always making sure we have exit roads in all/most directions just incase a bug out is needed. we do have some hair raising moments when one of those factors has been eliminated! For the first time, Netweather/Weatherholidays Chase tours ventured into Canada. this was a last minute decision to chase the biggest risk of the season. Moderate risk in North Dakota (SPC) and a High Risk in Canada (Environment Canada). We thought, 'well, we are here now, lets go!) a little bit hasty looking back at it. One of the lessons we had learnt on this chase day was that the SPC/Allisonhouse/Radarscope cover radar selectivity/velocity in Canada BUT the Warnings that are given out in the form of Severe warning and most of all Tornado warnings, are ONLY available in North America! Below is a video dash cam of the storm we got a little too close to the storm due to the lack of data. If we had the warnings to hand we wouldn't have got anywhere near this close! The video description (below) give a more in depth reasoning for our positioning! This was our first ever chase in Canada and was a last minute affair. We are a UK Tour Group with all the necessary tools - we had Baron Mobile Threat Net, GRLevel3 & Radarscope. None of our feeds where showing the warnings when we were on the Canadian side which we found out was crucial to our accidental possible intercept. We had planned to get ahead of the storm on a Southern road heading for the border but cutting off East allowing us to track the path of the storm and head for Pivotal US Border crossing. Our East road we found out it was a county gravel road which was unsuitable so we proceeded to head for the closer border control. We were approximately 7 miles South of Estevan on Highway 47. The storm motion was rapidly increasing and we admitted defeat once the core hit us. The moment we feel we where within the circulation of a deep area of rotation was at the 3:30 - 3:50 mark with the trees losing their leaves. IF our tools had showed us the Canadian warnings we would have never crossed the path of a storm of this strength. Typically, once we had entered back on to US soil, our warnings popped up!
  6. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/storm-chase-live Live streaming now on! hopefully signal should keep us online!
  7. Crashlanding

    Stormchaser Chicken George day 7 North Dakota or bust

    The team have just finished a nice lunch at the Cowboy cafe in Medora, ND and are now heading E towards Bismarck Current position is To keep an eye on our live position and the Live stream once we get on a storm find it here ---> https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/storm-chase-live
  8. Crashlanding

    Stormchaser Chicken George Day 4 Kearny, Nebraska

    Dont forget that the stream and GPS positioning is now fixed and will be used today. Remember that hat is the 4g signal is weak the stream quality maybe affected! https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/storm-chase-live
  9. Crashlanding

    Storm Chase Live Video Streaming

    Storm chase live stream and GPS positioning is now fixed!! GPS position we will keep on all the time but due to limited data availability (and the risk of boring people to death with blue sky travel days!) we will stream once we engage in a chase or are closing in on a storm!
  10. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    I take it that you got to the hotel ok?
  11. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    they could or more than likely ask for ID but see how it goes!
  12. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    literally just posted it! are u on facebook? we normally set a facebook chat group up to keep in contact https://www.facebook.com/graham.moore.56 me me me
  13. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    Myself and tomare at the Best Western inn irving jobbie, room 161 we will be meeting at 715 for beers!
  14. Crashlanding

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! see u in Dallas! are you at the BEst Wester Irving inn? whats your landing time?