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  1. And the following winter of 95/96 was rather good if memory serves me? What a horrendous winter this has been. So much optimism last October as always, only to be utterly disappointed.
  2. I blame the Express and all those divvy headlines! Bad KARMA for anyone who likes the cold and snow. What we need is for the Met Office to start doing long range forecasts again and predict a Mild winter next winter season. I recall good COLD KARMA last time that happened he he
  3. I wonder, is Yoda now working for netweather forecasting team? Judging by the forecast headline I suspect so! Let's hope he can use the force to move some high pressure in a favourable position for the uk 😉
  4. Oh dear! You know it's bad when you log in first thing and see the model moans thread is the top of the list! A common theme this winter I don't think this winter is going to deliver (no insights or learned meteorological backup to support that just a gut feeling). Like the bad old days of the late 90s or early naughties. Hope late winter can deliver... Ps I hate iPhones! Autocorrect ahhhh
  5. I hope you are right ANYWEATHER. My point being that so far there has been a distinct lack of anything wintry, frost ice etc. but yes you are very right as winter very seldom pops his head up till January at least daaan saaaf. As mentioned 2 months of hope left
  6. Gibbys summary over in mod output thread sums it up. Dying embers of cold spell - this winter is POO! No doubt someone will say but yeah it's been interesting at least. NA being soaked up to your knees week on week defo not interesting. 2 real months left yet I guess. That's for decent reliable cold anyhow
  7. Joe B thinking the change is on the way. Lets hope so... https://twitter.com/BigJoeBastardi/status/420993211914391552/photo/1
  8. Cold snap or cold spell? Please not a snap, that would be too much a disappointment weather Gods. Surely we are due a reasonable hit of cold 5 days +
  9. Let's pray it IS coming over here next ! at least large few of us on here ! My attempt at attaching a photo of the sun headline eludes me! Never mind ðŸ˜
  10. Very seldom post in here but for all the doom and gloom regarding no cold etc I can at least say the last 2 days have provided some of the best freezing fog and frost I've seen in years! Admittedly not raging easterlies with blizzards as desired by most. Often a good fog has proceeded a memorable freezup. I can't claim any meteorological insight to this statement though!
  11. Indeed - I'm sure there will be a few Farmers praying for a milder one. On the flipside I wonder how long before we see the inevitable headline from the Express 'UK set to perish in killer freeze' !
  12. Regarding Roger J thoughts - fair play to him for sticking his neck out so early. He may well be right but I do recall him going for a serious freezing winter I believe the year before last which turned out to be fairly mild on the whole. It will be interesting to see how things develop...
  13. Hi folks - forgive my ignorance but did 68/69 turn out to be rather harsh for the UK?
  14. Well here goes my moan about the winter thus far! I had hoped that the last 3 winters, well 2008 > 2010 had broken the horrendous cycle that we had to endure between 1991 and 2007 (16 years of pain, at least in the SE!) Having glanced in the Model Output thread earlier today I was most upset as it seems we will have to put up with mild mush (or zonal) until mid Jan at least which then really only leaves 4 weeks potential (in the SE at least). I must have jinxed us cold fans back in early November when I thought "what the heck" and bought a snow shovel and a car that looks remotely like a
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