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  1. I get the feeling Frosty that if this weather continued for 12 months of the year you would be more than happy Models have been hinting at another cold shot around Easter for a while so would not rule it out..
  2. Met Eireann now have orange and yellow warnings for snow issued for weekend....up until today they were just forecasting a few light snow showers ...
  3. based on this morning' runs you only have to wait 2 weeks this time...direct hit of cold pool for Ireland with likely heavier snow showers / possible longer periods of snow from Sat evening through to early hours of Monday morning...east and southeast again in the firing line
  4. Yes huge upgrade on overnight runs with UKMO, Argepe and GEM all moving cold pool through spine of UK and Ireland. This is what ICON has been showing for days and this model remains steadfast over night. GFS also further north compared to last few runs but not as good as other models. Over now to ECM ..... Edit: All models showing brisk east to northeast winds so snow showers blowing well inland....
  5. Even with mild sunshine and light winds it would be dicey to get home from stag in Newcastle ...been there wore the T Shirt ha .....good spot to catch snow showers in an easterly though
  6. Brilliant mean from ECM...If correct, the England and Ireland rugby teams would be well advised to wear their thermals in Twickenham on Saturday....could also be snow showers rattling through during the game....
  7. yes very cold charts for time of year...as I said a few days ago, these cold spells have been hittiing us every 1-2 weeks since November and the trend looks like continuing.....
  8. lets' see what the morning runs bring but as we stand right now, the chance of another cold easterly outbreak is increasing significantly .....
  9. That about sums it up Nick. Also ECM collapses the block in to central Europe between 144 and 168 whereas GFS and to lesser extent ICON intensify the block to northeast with trough disruption to southwest, drawing in the easterly. UKMO looks similar to ECM at 144 so will be intersting to see the 168 chart later to see if it follows suit....GEM is ...well I don't even want to talk about that...
  10. Some support in GEFS ensembles for the op...6 or 7 bring in an easterly like this one P5 - others go cold eventually via northerly or northeasterly....very few milder options in there so spring on hold for a while yet ...
  11. Ties in with METO text update yesterday so can't dismiss it. ECM and GEM say no at least for now though. ICON gets in easterly but coldest uppers stay too far east....Be interesting to see how this plays out...All aboard the Beasterly rollercoaster Round 2.....
  12. Sure why not .. ...if half or even quarter as good as beast 1 was here, then bring it on I say.. ...plenty of time for warmth April to September....
  13. Been hints for a dew days for The Beast Part 2 in my opinion. GEFS have been sniffing around an easterly last few days. On Tuesday ECM showed an incoming easterly at day 10 and dropped the idea but brings it back today at earlier timeframe. UKMO yesterday and today looked good and last but not least, the King of Beasterly modelling The ICON has come on board today. Not a done deal by any means but we are in the game once again. We waited years for a true beast and would be ironic if got two in a few weeks. I will take a beasterly at any time of year so bring it on.....
  14. turned sleety after a while....frosty later so take care peeps