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  1. It is what it is and nothing we can do about it, but it looks like this pathetic winter is going even more downhill next week, with very mild most southerly winds no doubt bringing plenty of cloud and drizzle ......oh well at least we won the rugby......maybe winter will have a sting in it's tail but not expecting anything to be honest.....
  2. I have been told by a reliable source that the Met Office will be updating this beta page on 29th March to show a hard border ?
  3. Encouraging signs tonight that another pattern change is coming with a Sandi high trying to make an appearance. ECM is good bit nice to see ICON showing more amplification and GFS also com ing on board. There are some real eye candy charts in the GEFS ensembles too. Ironically UKMO was more amplified earlier in the week but is now showing least amplified pattern Would like to see the UKMO on board in morning runs
  4. Yes the ECM mean from 0z suite suggested this, however room for upgrades if it has the general pattern correct ...it could be leading us up the garden path again and maybe that is why it so quiet in here, but there is always the hope that things are finally falling in to place and winter could go out with a bang .... Good to see the GFS para and JMA move towards the ECM this evening...from little acorns.....
  5. Well ECM wants to bring in an Easterly next week so maybe winter is not done with us yet....no beast from the east but could upgrade if general idea is correct.....or it could be just another wild goose chase....all will be revealed
  6. yep looking more and more likely this winter is a bust and all the favourable background signals will come to nothing....some signals in outer reaches of FI ensembles for northern blocking but I won't hold my breath after the way these, EC46 etc. have led us and even Met Office up the garden path so far this winter. Probably be a cold spring though when most of us will be looking forward to something warmer
  7. England more up for it from the start and deserved to win... . ...only consolation...world cup expectations will be lower..... we.always play better as the. underdogs .....oh and the weather outlook looks dung for cold / snow but hey no
  8. yeah I read that recently too...a bit like chicken and egg scenario I suppose as SSW's also occured before global warming ....and there was no SSW just prior to December 2010 when a PV lobe dropped through Ireland and UK bringing us that severe cold and snowy spell ...anyhow my wife thinks this e mail I am typing for work is taking a long time so I better get back to her and the TV ?
  9. RTE Six One News was amusing tonight. Reporting on the severe cold spell currently in North America, a climatologist said it was as a result of global warming due to ice melt and warming seas, weakening the polar vortex and causing it to drop to lower latitudes. 20 minutes later during the weather bulletin, Meteorologist Gerry Murphy commenting on the severe weather in US said it was a result of a recent phenomenom known a a Sudden Stratospheric Warming....Is Jerry secretly working for Donald Trump I wonder ? Two different explanations / reasons within 20 mins on the same programme ??made me chuckle Mind you apart from us weather geeks, the normal Joe Soap wouldnt have a bulls notion what a SSW or PV actually means so no harm done I guess.......
  10. Typical really.....heavy rain all day yesterday here as the front moved in. Turned to snow from 8pm last night and snowed through until the hourly hours but apart from a few short heavy bursts it just wasn't heavy enough to settle on the very wet ground. If it had been an all snow event most of the island would be buried....just too marginal this time round. Models look poor for the foreseeable after tomorrow so probably looking at mid Feb at least before we get another shot......still hope I guess and I know some got snow Earlier in the week and a few lucky places yesterday, but these favourable back ground signals we have read about since November just havnt produced so far this winter in a meaningful way
  11. Latest Met Eireann update is now forecasting moderate snow accumulations on lower ground in some places tomorrow. Earlier update was just forecasting snow on mountains. GFS para has consistently shown lying snow over much of the South and East for tomorrow and now the OP also shows accumulated snow but to a lesser extent. Inland areas most at risk. Even areas that have rain tomorrow could see this turning to snow later in the day and overnight as temps and dew points drop off and the 528 dam line pushes back south. Will be early hours of Friday before the system clears southwards so potential for several hours of snowfall in parts. Will be interesting to see how this plays out...at the moment it looks like the main band will effect the south up to a line from approx Dublin over to Galway bit still possibility this could push further north in to Ulster, or it could also stay a little further south of this line but you would think the models have this more or less correct at this late stage....
  12. We have frost on grass and cars here even though there has been a thin layer of cloud over head all night and no stars visible...very unusual ..... good luck to everyone looking for snow this week...lets hope we get loads....
  13. Looks good for north and west again but anywhere could catch a few snow showers through Tuesday in to Wednesday . .. lets see if morning runs support GFS in prolonging the cold
  14. well para GFS never bought in to the easterly last week and is currently throwing out the best charts for next week ....probably be wrong this time though ha....but you never know
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