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    Extreme weather! Would love to do some storm chasing one day. I don't profess to know anything about the technical side but have learnt a lot from NW forum folk.
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  1. Beautiful flash of fork lightning followed by a hefty clap of thunder in Haywards Heath just now, it was precluded by what sounded like a tropical rain storm ? ....That might be it though.....damnit
  2. I'm right on the line between East and West Sussex, we certainly havent seen any noteworthy snow in this immediate area over this Beastly period so keeping fingers crossed for this weekend. It all seemed so likely yesterday, today not so much. I do hope my fellow Sussex peeps get to see some decent snow at this last chance saloon. I'd hate to be in the party of remembering 2018 Beast for all the snow that fell around us ? Either way, a plethora of drinks is at the ready for lamppost watching. I wish ALL of you in the SE bucket loads of snow ???
  3. I so very much enjoy your posts Tom. I hope you and you beautiful wife Collette get home safely, enjoy the snow and i look forward again to reading your posts again next winter. Xxx
  4. Just a quickie Steve, is that us pretty much wrapped up now then? Only earlier I'm sure I saw a post from you saying the heaviest snow was coming between 3pm and 7pm? I assume it's all pushed through quicker than expected? I'm happy either way, it's Friday and I've cracked open an early beer, just wondering as the radar still looks full of life to me......I probably need to refresh the page ?
  5. Quite heavy something or other falling from skies in Haywards Heath suddenly.
  6. As much as I would love to say I'd at least seen freezing rain once in my lifetime, I'm really quite glad that we have none (as yet) in Haywards Heath. It was my main concern for today with the schools opening, not the snow, but how on earth I'd get to my daughter to get her home if the pavements turned into sheet ice. Hoping for one last blast of snow today. We've had very little in this area, really only having snow overnight Monday and falling through the day on Tuesday. Couple of little patches left in the garden but nothing to write home about. At this stage of the game I'm not
  7. Just looking at these, surely it would take a Herculean almost impossible exit stage left for this to not hit more Easterly Southern counties now? Or am I still clutching at straws? ?
  8. Let's hope you're right Seb. Maybe it will get far too cocky and have nowhere else to go other than spill over into the South East...one can only dream. Still, very happy that the SE corner wasn't a fail this year and that many of you have been fortunate enough to enjoy oodles of snow. I won't lie, I am absolutely green with envy watching that radar and the SW. That said, they too have been snow starved so look forward to pics and fingers crossed we all see a final flurry before we wrap this up!
  9. Haywards Heath this morning! ? I'm absolutely knackered from radar watching all night...so worth it though. Hope anyone who's not seen any yet gets to see some today. Cant remember the last time I saw some decent snow so I'm so happy today!
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